Spiced Meatballs with Sriracha Sauce


Who doesn’t love meatballs? We sure do. This week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe was a delicious take on meatballs.

Spiced Meatballs with Sriracha Sauce are David Lebovitz’s attempt to recreate the flavor of merguez sausages at home. These are heavily spiced meatballs: the spices include fennel seeds, coriander, cumin, cilantro, garlic, paprika, Sriracha (or harissa), cinnamon, allspice, and sumac. The recipe suggests ground beef or lamb, or a combination of the two. I used lamb, but I am sure beef would be delicious too.

Despite all the herbs and spices, these meatballs were quick to put together. I appreciated that there was no “filler” like breadcrumbs since we have a non-grain eater in the house. I also like that Mr. Lebovitz gave us several options for cooking the meatballs (pan, grill, or oven). I took the easy way out and baked these in the oven.

The Sriracha Sauce was even easier to make than the meatballs. Simply mix together mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce and there you have it!

I served Spiced Meatballs with Sriracha Sauce with roasted cauliflower for a simple dinner. The flavors of the meatballs were a little too sophisticated for my daughter, but my husband and I loved them. I will definitely make them again, with beef or lamb.

This post participates in Cook the Book Fridays, an online cooking group making our way through David Lebovitz’s book My Paris Kitchen. You can find the recipe on page 74 of his wonderful book.



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10 responses to “Spiced Meatballs with Sriracha Sauce

  1. I need to try these in the oven. I definitely will be making both the meatballs and the mayo again – loved it!

  2. These make a great dinner. Roasted cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetable preparations. I will definitely make these meatballs again.

  3. Emily

    Looks like baking them is a great way to go! Love your pairing of roasted cauliflower, delicious meal!

  4. I love roasted cauliflower. With the lamb meatballs, that must be a fantastic meal. I baked these meatballs too. No greasy pan to clean!

  5. These seem to be a winner all around. Great pairing with the cauliflower.

  6. I really loved the grain-free aspect of these meatballs, too. Not only does it make it easier to feed people who don’t eat them, but I felt that the meatballs were more intensely flavoured as a result. It was such a good idea to serve these with cauliflower – nice combination!

  7. I did wonder if kids would enjoy these meatballs. Adults, yessss. I think this was unanimous – approval from everyone. I also used lamb and baked mine. For the amount of ingredients, it was simple, that’s for sure.

  8. That plate looks so yummy! Man, we all loved these in this house and I agree that the ease of putting them together is totally belied by their flavor. Even our kiddo liked them. I also did them as a last-minute “oh-crap-I-have-to-bring-something-to-a-party” last night and they were much loved. oh, and I’ve made them all lamb and half beef/half lamb and I think I prefer all lamb. Happy Labor Day weekend and hope it’s a good one!

  9. Your photo is defiitely tempting! i have to try these in the oven! I was so happy that they were so easy but delicious too!

  10. What a great suggestion – roasted cauliflower! That would indeed be delicious with these meatballs. Yours look wonderful. I went lamb, baked, Sriracha mayo – served with Naan. But that cauliflower looks wonderful. Great idea!!! So happy you enjoyed these. What a hit!!

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