Hard-Cooked Eggs with Chervil Mayonnaise


I have a dubious record when it comes to making mayonnaise from scratch. I have only tried it twice, and neither could be considered a success. The first time was an utter failure, with the mayo never thickening and coming together. The next time, the mayonnaise came together but I didn’t like the flavor. I think it was the olive oil I chose; the flavor was too strong for mayo.

So I was a little nervous making this week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe, which features homemade mayonnaise.

Hard-Cooked Eggs with Chervil Mayonnaise is something I knew we would like, as long as the mayonnaise turned out okay. My husband is often requesting or making hard-boiled eggs. The mayonnaise sounded promising as it is made from a neutral-tasting oil (I used grapeseed oil) and flavored with a bit of Dijon mustard, shallot, and fresh chervil.


First I made the hard-cooked eggs. Rather than follow the recipe in My Paris Kitchen, I used my new favorite method: the Instant Pot. Perfect, easy-to-peel, hard-cooked eggs, every time!

Then I set about making the mayonnaise. Success! Whew!

The hard-cooked eggs and mayonnaise are served on a bed of butter lettuce with a few wedges of tomatoes. We enjoyed the eggs and homemade mayo quite a lot. My husband and I agreed that homemade mayonnaise probably isn’t worth it for most situations, but for this dish it really made a positive difference.

If you are interested in trying chervil mayonnaise, or even plain mayo, you can find recipes for both in David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.



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6 responses to “Hard-Cooked Eggs with Chervil Mayonnaise

  1. I wondered if someone would use the IP to make the eggs! I’ve made this mayo before (it’s a keeper) but gave myself a pass this week and cheated a little!

  2. IP is one way to do it. What’s the setting? I’m curious.

  3. Your salad with the eggs looks beautiful!! It’s terrific that this recipe worked out for you. It was a hit. The mayonnaise was very light. I am not on the home-made all the time mayo bandwagon. Totally agree, but so happy you both enjoyed this dish! Lovely!!

  4. This was a great mayo recipe, easy and delicious. I will definitely use it again. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. The mayo really showcased this dish. I frequently make my own mayo with a different recipe. I’m switching to David’s from now on. It’s a winner.

  6. This has certainly been a winner for everyone so I am anxious to try it when I get home. I’ve never been particularly successful in the mayo department either, Karen. David uses neutral tasting oil when he dresses a plain green salad. I make it all the time and think it’s delicious and so much better than having the strong olive oil after taste in your mouth.

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