Grilled Teriyaki Steak

When I decided to fire up the grill for the first time this season to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, I had no idea I’d be shivering and grilling in the rain.  It didn’t even hit 50°F yesterday!  Saturday night there was snow falling!  This just doesn’t happen in late May in Reno.

To inaugurate grilling season I chose to use my Dad’s stand-by Teriyaki marinade with some steak.  I have memories of my Dad mixing this up and letting t-bone steaks marinate in it all day.  It has always been a favorite of mine.

I believe the recipe for the marinade came from an old edition of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.  I have a newer edition (relatively; it’s copyright 1989) and the recipe is not in there.  I’m also pretty sure my Dad changed it a bit.

This time I used a piece of beef labeled “London Broil”.  Research leads me to believe it is actually a top round steak. Use your favorite cut of beef.  T-bone and rib eye steaks both work well with this marinade.

It let my steak marinate for four hours, flipping it several times.  With the thickness of my steak, I wish I had it in the marinade a little longer, but it was still delicious.

Steak with Rice and Sesame Asparagus

Grilled Teriyaki Steak

(click here to print)

  • ½ cup soy sauce
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons molasses
  • 2 teaspoons ground ginger
  • 2 teaspoons dry mustard
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • steaks (t-bone, rib eye, flank, etc.)

Combine soy sauce, vegetable oil, molasses, ginger, mustard and garlic in a glass dish.  Mix well.  Add meat and turn to coat.  Marinate steak at least 2 hours, turning occasionally.

Remove steak from marinade.  Grill the steaks to taste.  If using flank or top round steak, let the steak rest for about 5 minutes and then slice thinly across the grain.



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4 responses to “Grilled Teriyaki Steak

  1. It looks like a perfect grilling meal, Karen! It was definitely a strange weekend weather-wise as well. It just did not feel like Memorial weekend because of it! I hope you and your family had a good weekend!

  2. That’s a great looking piece of meat! And love the sesame seeds on the asparagus! Actually I love sesame seeds on anything.

  3. Liz

    Oh, gosh, this looks DELISH! I love an Asian twist on beef…so this would definitely be a hit at our house! And I love the idea of adding molasses to the marinade 🙂

  4. Danielle

    Oh my goodness! This is my parents “secret” steak recipe! They won’t share it with anyone.. unless you know which ratty old red copy of the cookbook to find it in.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

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