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Project Update: XO Raglan Cardigan

I have hit a major milestone with the sweater I am knitting!  I finished knitting the main part of the sweater! It has only taken me 3½ years…

Right now it is being blocked.


Blocking the Sweater

Next up, I need to sew all the pieces together.  I am a little nervous about that part because I have never done it before.  I have read how to do it in a couple of books, and I plan on watching the videos on KnittingHelp.com, but really I think I just need to go for it and learn as I go.  Anyone have any advice?

Right Front Near Neckline

Top part of the Right Front

Once the sweater is sewn together I need to knit on the collar.  That part should go quickly!

Right Front Pocket

Pocket and bottom edge of the Right Front

Finally, I need to find the perfect buttons and sew them on.  I am so close to finishing this thing!  I can’t wait to wear it this fall and winter!


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In Progress

Welcome to what I hope will become a semi-regular feature here at From Scratch.  In this new feature, I will be sharing updates on my non-cooking projects, such as the Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-a-Long I am working on.  If you see regular updates, that means I am actually working on projects (not just hoping to be working on them).

Let’s get started!

On the Needle

I have two knitting projects in progress.  First let’s take a look at the Downton Abbey KAL.  If you haven’t heard, we are making fingerless gloves!  Or gauntlets, as they probably would have been called back when DA takes place.  I am having a lot of fun with this KAL and learning tons!  Here is my first glove, as of the end of Clue #4 (of 8):

There is a panel of lace roses on top of the glove.

There is a panel of lace roses on top of the glove.

At the top, there is a row of eyelets which will be used to gather the gloves.

At the top of this picture, there is a row of eyelets which will be used to gather the gloves.


I really like the way the colors pooled differently on each scallop in this lace section:

Pretty scalloped lace

Pretty scalloped lace

Since taking these pictures I have completed Clue #5, which involved knitting an I-cord to lace through the eyelets and casting on the second glove.  I can’t wait to wear these!

I have also done some work on my sweater, and completed the first half of the front:

Left front of the sweater

Left front of the sweater

I am probably going to redo the top corner.  Since finishing this, I have learned how to cast off the neckline more smoothly.  I also want to complete the final twist in the cable pattern to close the top “O”.

The neckline portion that I will probably redo.

The neckline portion that I will probably redo.

Once that is done, all I have left is to complete the second front piece.  Then I can block it and sew it together!

On the Cutting Table

I don’t have much going in the sewing department, but I did make a pair of sweatpants for my daughter after modifying the pattern I used for her Halloween costume.

Altered sweat pants - they fit much better!

Altered sweat pants – they fit much better!

They fit great and I hope to make a second pair soon.


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Nothing Kills the Mojo Like a Mistake

Remember that sweater I am knitting?  I seem to be knitting it at a snail’s pace.  But lately I’ve been in the mood to knit and have been making good progress. I have been working on the left front piece (the back and two sleeves are finished).

As I approached the transition to shaping the armholes and heading up to the neck I got excited.  I find once I hit that point, I get anxious to finish and it’s fun to see myself get closer and closer to the end.

I finally got started on the armholes when I noticed THE MISTAKE.

Do you see it?  HINT:  Look at the cable pattern near the top.

Here is the mistake circled in case you couldn’t spot it.  Instead of an XO pattern, I ended up with a little fish shape.

I briefly entertained the idea of leaving the mistake, but then I realized the pattern has to match the other side of the front, so I would have to make the mistake there as well.  Plus, I would always know the mistake was there and it would bother me.

So now I am faced with having to undo my knitting back to the point of the mistake and fixing it.  I am not very confident with “un-knitting”, so the task is always slow and tedious.  I am not looking forward to it and have been putting it off.

I know I have to “just do it” so I can move forward again.

How do you get moving again when you get stalled on a project, knitting or otherwise?


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Look, Ma! I Can Do Cables!

Some of you may remember that I am in the process of knitting my first sweater.  After not working on it for 7 or 8 months, I picked it up again after Christmas and have made great progress.  I have now completed the back and both sleeves.


The Back and Both Sleeves

I’m very pleased with how this is turning out.  I really like the triangle detailing along the raglan seams.

Seam Detail

Seam Detail

The front pieces are going to be the most challenging for me so I saved them for last.  There are several elements in the fronts that I have never done before:  cables, pockets, and button holes.  I did some practicing with the cables – they are much easier than they look!

Cable Sample

Cable Sample

Here is a picture of the sweater I am making.  It is the “XO Raglan Cardigan” from the Winter 2009/2010 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine.

XO Raglan Cardigan

XO Raglan Cardigan

I’m really excited to get started on the front of my sweater!

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