FO: Downton Abbey Mystery Gauntlets

Lady Violet's Gauntlets

FYI:  The “FO” in the title stands for “finished object”…

I finally finished my Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-a-long project last week, officially known as “Lady Violet’s Gauntlets”.   This is the most complex project I have made to date and I am very happy with how they turned out!

Blocking the gauntlets

Blocking the gauntlets

There are eyelets along the outside edge of each glove.  The cords in the photo above are now laced through the eyelets, and the fit of the gloves can be customized a bit.  Here is one “fully extended”:

"Un-rouched" glove

“Un-ruched” glove

And here is the same glove ruched a bit:

Ruched glove

Ruched glove

You can see how the lacing works a little better in this photo:

UndersideI have worn the gloves out a few times and I really like them being fingerless when I am driving.  It is so much easier to get my daughter buckled in, get the music playing, steer, etc. with my fingers available.  They are also nice for keeping my hands and wrists warm in the evening while I’m watching TV.

I really, really enjoyed this project.  The pace was perfect and I was able to keep up with the group each week.  The discussion on Ravelry was friendly and helpful.  I learned a ton, both from working the project and from the other participants.


Here is a list of all the things I did for the first time while knitting these gloves:

  • Crochet provisional cast-on
  • Magic Loop – I love it!
  • Lace
  • I-cords
  • Thumb gusset
  • Using multi-colored yarn – it was fun seeing how the colors changed and worked together
  • Elastic bind-off

This project was a real confidence booster.  Now I feel like I can knit anything!  Well, maybe now the “intermediate” patterns…

High Tea

Thanks to Jimmy Beans Wool and Kristin (the designer) for hosting such a fun KAL!  If you are interested in this pattern you can find out more here:  All my pattern notes can be viewed on my Ravelry project page.

JBW is hosting another mystery KAL inspired by the show Game of Thrones that I am seriously considering doing because this one was so much fun!

I just want to say, taking pictures of one’s self wearing gloves is not easy!  Enjoy a few of the “failures”:



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3 responses to “FO: Downton Abbey Mystery Gauntlets

  1. Todd & Justine Hara-Schwisow

    I meant to ask you about this project today!

    I can just imagine you trying to take those pictures by yourself. That must have been hilarious! J You did a fine job with the ones you posted. [I envision you holding the camera under your chin and/or with a tripod – AND the timer…!]

    I’m seriously thinking of catching up with that show before the next season. Haven’t committed to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime yet, but in the next month or so I hope to do something. (In what time I’ll have to watch anything I have no idea!) I’ve gotten the gist of what’s going on just in the media, so it’s not imperative.

    Enjoyed our chat today! There are always things I think about after we hang up that I forget to ask about or share. This took care of one of them! J

  2. Love these!!! I am a Downton fan too, making these extra special.

  3. Your gauntlets are just so beautiful, Karen! And what a beautiful photo of you with them on! You have every reason to be proud of them and I am glad to hear that you are wearing and enjoying them. I have not tried Magic Loop yet, but maybe on another project. I am slowly making progress on mine and just finished Clue #2. I hope that I will feel as confident as you when I am finally finished. 🙂

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