FFWD: Simplest Breton Fish Soup

Simplest Breton Fish Soup

Happy New Year!  January 2015 is going to be a fishy month for French Fridays with Dorie, and we’re getting off to a very fishy start with Simplest Breton Fish Soup.

As the name implies, Simplest Breton Fish Soup is a very simple soup, inspired by the soup fishermen in the Breton region of France would make aboard their fishing boats. It’s made with some basic vegetables (onion, shallot, garlic, celery, leek, and potatoes) and whatever fish is fresh.  I added carrots and saffron, as suggested by Dorie in her bonne idée.

Dorie recommends using a variety of fish and mussels for this soup.  I used one sardine, a nice amount of cod, and a handful of mussels.

Breton Fish Soup

So how did my family like this simple, fishy soup?  I loved it!  My husband…not so much.  I didn’t even try giving any to my daughter.  I loved the rustic simplicity and straightforward flavors.  It was almost refreshing after the heavy eating of the holidays. Even though I loved this soup, I doubt I will make it again since the rest of my crew would not be on board.



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10 responses to “FFWD: Simplest Breton Fish Soup

  1. Cher

    January is looking fishy, indeed.
    I thought this one was pretty good too, but I can see where it wouldn’t be the thing for non-fish lovers.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I enjoyed this soup too. It’s a shame the rest of your crew did not enjoy it as much as you. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year. The fish soup looks great, though my children would also disagree. But who cares, now you’ve got an extra bowl😉

  4. Lucky for me my hubby is a fish lover, and he loved this soup, as did I! Yours looks delicious! Glad that at least you enjoyed it! Happy New Year, Karen!

  5. I haven’t made this one yet, as Mr. Vegan would not be on board with it. It looks so good, though!

  6. I didn’t give any to my son either, he would have not liked it. I would make it again but not with mussels. Happy New Year.

  7. We thought this was quite tasty. But also lovers of mussels. I did add some scallops to round out the fish, which was nice. And the vinaigrette. Your dish looks terrific. Happy New Year!!!

  8. Let’s talk about that cornbread (I think) in the back of your photo. I could eat a few portions of that. Is it what your family enjoyed for dinner while you were eating the soup? I won’t make this soup until I get to California this week – wanted to use fresh fish and mussels but, I realize I will either like or dislike it. There seems to be no in-between. Your photos are lovely, very warm and friendly looking.

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