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Herb-Speckled Spaetzle

Herb-Speckled Spaetzle

Herb-Speckled Spaetzle.  I like the way that sounds.  I keep saying it to myself just to hear it.

The Cooking Of GermanyI have vague memories of making spaetzle with my sister when we were kids.  My mom had this set of Time-Life international cookbooks and we were poring over the German book one day.  We decided to make something from it.  My memory isn’t terribly clear, but I think we settled on spaetzle simply because we had all the ingredients on hand.  I don’t remember much about actually making the spaetzle, but I do recall it not being very successful.  In fact, it was a big failure.  We may or may not have been able to even get a taste of our labors.  (Aside:  Mom – was the gingerbread house you made inspired by this one on the cover?  It sure looks familiar!)

Happily, my experience making Herb-Speckled Spaetzle was much more successful, though it was fraught with drama!  The mixing of the dough is quite simple.  It’s the formation of the “spaetzles” (is that a word?) that is tricky.  Basically, you are to push small amounts of the dough through the holes of a colander or cheese grater into boiling water to cook.  I read somewhere that someone used the large holes on their food mill to do the job.  Sounds great!  Except I think the largest holes on my food mill are not big enough because it did not work.  I quickly grabbed the colander…but still the holes were not big enough.  Hmmm…  We have a cheese grater with larger than normal holes – it worked!  But the whole thing is very tedious.


After boiling the spaetzle, the noodles are cooked with mushrooms and onions to make a tasty side dish.  I served mine with roast chicken, but it would be good with a lot of things.  My daughter LOVED this!!  She asked for fourths.  I really liked it too, but I’m not sure I will go to the trouble of making it again.

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie, an online cooking group cooking our way through Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.  If you are interested in trying this recipe you can find it on Epicurious.



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