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Sewing Updates

Remember that cardi-wrap I was so anxious to make a couple of months ago?  I was hoping to have it finished before I posted about it again, but since I seem to be sewing at a snail’s pace I thought I would give you an update.  I have actually made good progress on it.  All I have left is to sew on the sleeves and hem around the whole thing.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to hem it yet.  I’m thinking of either doing a rolled hem or a narrow overlock stitch on my serger.  With both of these options, the stitching will be visible on the outside and I think it will provide a nice contrast around the edges of the draped parts.  I will have to experiment.  I don’t think a traditional folded hem will look very good with this style or my fabric.  Many people who have made the cardi-wrap have just left it unhemmed, but I’m not a big fan of that look.  I can understand the appeal though – this top has a lot of hemming to do and it is very visible!

In other news, the fabric I ordered arrived last Friday.  I love it!  It will be perfect for the projects I have in mind.

The next project in the queue will be a top made out of this new fabric:

I would love to have it done in time for my trip to the Napa Valley next month.  Right now I am considering two different patterns.

Simplicity 2603:

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this pattern includes a nice-looking sleeveless top with gathering at the neckline.

Jalie 2806:

Jalie 2806

I like the foldover neckline, either sleeveless or with the tulip sleeves.

I will also peruse my Ottobre Woman magazines to see if anything catches my eye.

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I Was Bad (But Not Too Bad)

I haven’t purchased fabric just because I like it for a long time. I haven’t been sewing much the last couple of years, so I was able to curtail my fabric-buying habit. Now that I’ve been sewing a bit again, I’m starting to feel the pull of the fabric!

I have Dawn over at Two On, Two Off to thank for today’s fabric purchase.Yesterday she posted about a sale on ITY Jersey knits over at  I decided to take a look…  I’ve been envisioning a semi-dressy summer knit dress lately.  One that I can wear out to dinner or to my June girls weekend in Vegas.  My vision included a print fabric.  Well, these fabrics are exactly what I was envisioning!

To make this story worse…  The fabrics were on sale until Midnight Eastern time last night.  I missed the sale price by a few minutes (thanks to a little girl who had trouble falling asleep).  I decided not to buy any fabric.  Well, I couldn’t get this fabric out of my head, so today I went ahead with my purchase.  To my credit, there was a third piece of fabric in my shopping cart that I decided not to get.

So, what did I get?

This print will (hopefully) be used to make the dress I have been envisioning.  One pattern I am considering is McCall’s 6032, view A, with the cap sleeves and front loop.

Blue Medallian Fabric

I bought a yard of this fabric to make a dressy summer top to wear with black pants, something I’ve been missing in my wardrobe.  Perhaps the sleeveless top from Simplicity 2603?

Purple/Black Fabric

Bad or not, it felt good to buy some fabric!

Photos courtesy of


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Kwik Sew 2257 – Men’s Pajama Pants

I mentioned last month that I was making two of my Christmas gifts this year.  The first was a knitted “crown” hat for my niece.  The second was a pair of pajama pants for my husband.  He asked for a robe for Christmas this year, so I decided he needed a pair of matching pajama pants. I somehow managed to get these made without him knowing I was sewing something for him.  I even worked on them while he was home one day!

Pajama Pants

To make the pants I used Kwik Sew 2257.  What a great pattern!  Easy to sew with very professional results.  This is the third time I’ve used this pattern.  I first made these pants back in 2002 when I had been sewing for only a few months and they were a big hit.

Pajama pants make a great gift because they don’t require a lot of fitting.  All you need to know is pants size, and you will get a good fit (at least with this pattern!).  I purposefully left these pants unfinished so I could refine the fit after Christmas.  When I made these before they were a little long, so I wanted to get the length just right this time.

For the final touch, I added one of my personalized labels:


See my original pattern review here (note: you may need to be a paying member of PatternReview to view this since it’s such an old review).

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Handmade Christmas Gifts

Every year about this time I get the urge to make many of my Christmas gifts.  I have a lot of ideas of things I’d like to make for various people.  My ideas range from sewing small items like toiletry bags,  to sewing clothing items, to making food gifts.  In fact, I have more ideas of things I’d like to make than I have time to actually make them.  I know I could start earlier in the year, but that’s just not how I operate.  With a little planning I probably could start in early November and have time for a few more gifts.

This year I have settled on two items I am going to make as gifts.  I can’t reveal what they actually are until after Christmas, but here are a couple of hints:

Knitted Gift

It looks like I might be knitting something...

Sewing Pattern

Preparing a Pattern for Sewing

What, if anything, are you making for gifts this year?


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Itching to sew.

I have been on a self-imposed sewing hiatus for a while now, so I can focus on some other things.  However, lately I have really been itching to sew.  I miss it!  So, I’ve decided I need to sew something for myself.

I want to sew something quick and easy, without any alterations for fit, and I also want to use fabric from my stash.  I have settled on Simplicity 2603:

It meets all of my requirements, plus it is fun and trendy!

The fabric I am going to use is a heathered charcoal matte jersey I bought several years ago from  I can’t remember what project the fabric was originally intended for, but as soon as it arrived I knew it wouldn’t work.  I don’t really love the fabric (it has a very synthetic-y feel), but it should work well for the cardi-wrap.

I’ve been torn between making the longer or shorter version of the cardi-wrap.  I think overall I would like the shorter version better on me, but there are a lot more wearing options with the longer version.  In the end, my fabric choice is going to decide for me: I only have enough for the shorter version.  I hope I have enough fabric for the cuffs.

I will keep you posted as I make progress!


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