Bay Leaf Pound Cake with Orange Glaze


Happy Friday! It seems that adding Dorie to the Cook the Book Fridays mix is keeping me on task (so far). Now that our cooking/blogging schedule is so busy, the fear of falling hopelessly behind is motivating!

I have been falling a bit behind with My Paris Kitchen, in part because we have a dessert on the schedule each month. I haven’t been making the desserts for several reasons, but a big one is that I have been “dieting” this year (I don’t like the term dieting, it implies that have been severely cutting back on calories; rather I have been focusing on getting fit and shedding extra pounds at a healthy, sustainable rate). Now that I am transitioning to a phase of maintaining my new current weight, I want to learn to enjoy treats and desserts in moderation. I have a serious problem with self control when there are fresh-baked treats in the house! But I can’t imagine a world where I can’t enjoy an occasional treat.


Bay Leaf Pound Cake with Orange Glaze was a good choice for easing back into baking and treat-making. It was easy to whip together and easy to eat. The cake is flavored with orange zest, vanilla, and bay leaves. The simple glaze gets its flavor from orange juice and Cointreau. The orange added a fresh brightness, and the bay leaves added a subtle, but distinct flavor that I really enjoyed.

The day I made the cake, my daughter kept gazing at it longingly as it cooled. I assured her she could have a piece when she was done working with her tutor. She enjoyed her slice immensely!


Altitude Adjustments

Regular readers know that I live at a higher altitude (4500 feet) and usually need to make minor adjustments when I bake a cake. These are the adjustments I made to Bay Leaf Pound Cake with Orange Glaze:

  • 1/8 teaspoon less baking powder
  • Added 1 tablespoon milk (higher altitudes can cause cakes to dry out and I live in a dry climate, so I always add a little extra liquid)


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6 responses to “Bay Leaf Pound Cake with Orange Glaze

  1. I loved this recipe, but I loved the glaze best. Yours looks so good, and it is so easy to whip up.

  2. Great for you that you reached your new weight and I guess with healthy eating a sweet occasionaly is something you’ll will enjoy even more. This bay leaf cake indeed tasted great and was a delicious treat.

  3. Emily

    It’s amazing how an extra tablespoon helps for high altitude baking. Great looking cake, especially that glaze!

  4. Brava on your healthy lifestyle but you are absolutely right “But I can’t imagine a world where I can’t enjoy an occasional treat.” This was a good one!

  5. I chuckled at your daughter gazing longingly. Man, this cake smelled quite lovely coming out of the oven. I agree with this posting so much thing as well–I knew November would be busy so I really make sure I’m on the ball! And yes, kudos to you on a new WOE (way of eating, but I think it’s hilarious in a way that its acronym is woe)! I too am someone with little self-control with desserts in the house. HORRID. Anywho, your cake looks fabulous, as expected and I love the high altitude/dry climate instructions!

  6. I love your comment about your daughter looking longingly at the cake – perfect incentive for working hard with her tutor! 🙂 I can’t keep up with all the desserts between TwD and CtBF, so I’ve accepted that I have to pick and choose.

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