Everyday Dorie: Newest Gougères


It’s a very exciting week for Dorie Greenspan fans! Her latest book, Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook was released on Tuesday. My first impression is that it is going to  be wonderful and delicious. The main dish recipes appeal to me in particular, but many of the vegetable dishes sound wonderful as well.

Cook the Book Fridays is taking on Everyday Dorie. As many (most?) of you know, our cooking group has it’s roots in French Fridays with Dorie, in which we cooked our way through Dorie’s book Around My French Table. So cooking through Everyday Dorie is a no-brainer for us.


To kick things off, we made My Newest Gougères, Dorie’s latest iteration of the tasty treat. Apparently that was the first recipe French Fridays with Dorie made from Around My French Table. A fitting tribute to a group that meant a lot to many of us. Her tweaks include the addition of Dijon mustard and chopped walnuts (I left out the nuts; I and several of my family members can’t eat walnuts, and I didn’t have any suitable substitutes on hand).


How can you go wrong with gougères? These cheesy puffs are so good! I only baked five, freezing the rest for future enjoyment. It’s a good thing that’s all I made, because I polished off four of them in no time! My daughter enjoyed the fifth.

If you have ever considering joining in a “cook the book” project, now is the time to jump in! We would love to see new people participate. I am also looking forward to catching up with the FFWD gang; it looks like some old faces will be joining us.

Happy Dorie Week everyone!



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16 responses to “Everyday Dorie: Newest Gougères

  1. Its great to be cooking together again! I loved these with the mustard and nuts. I loved the previous ones too:) Yours look great.

  2. I chopped my pecans into oblivion – which kind of defeats the purpose of having a crunchy element – and they were still fabulous. The mustard and cheese are the real stars of the recipe.

    So good to ‘see’ you again!

  3. Mine are in the oven now! Though like you, I’m freezing most of them. Uh oh. I am baking more… I’m sure they’ll be gone too!

    I love Dories suggestion to freeze some. So very excited. Yours look gorgeous!!!

    Isn’t it fabulous to be cooking with Dorie again, along with our friends??? ❤️

  4. Happy Dorie Week to you too! I have the same impression of the book, can’t wait to really dig in. These were such a fun treat!

  5. Karen Reinsch

    These were pretty delicious! So fun to bake together again!

  6. The book is just amazing, isn’t it? I wouldn’t know where to start so I’m glad others are making the choices.

  7. It was a time ago I enjoyed cooking and baking with the French Fridays with Dories group and Tuesdays with Dories group, but after reading you’re enthousiastic blog, I bought the book and will join in. Really looking forward to it, again 😉

  8. Your gougeres look perfectly golden and delicious!

  9. Tricia S

    So fun to be cooking with you again ! It’s lovely that so many of us kept in touch after AMFT but there is nothing quite like jumping back in to blog another book together. Off to a great start – yours look delicious !!

  10. Wahoo and welcome!! Yes, so many of the recipes look great. We are in for several treats! Your gougères look fabulous and I plan to try them without the nuts since so many have enjoyed them that way too.

  11. susanelester

    We’re so excited to be back in the kitchen with the Doristas, too! Your Gougeres look great!

  12. YEAH!!!!! So excited to be back in the kitchen with you all for this project!!

  13. really glad for this project, with so many old friends (and new!).xoxo

  14. I only made a few, too – so nice to have more in the freezer when I need something delicious. Here’s to a new cooking adventure!

  15. Cher

    I nixed the nuts as well (but that was personal preference, since I knew I was the only one eating them the week I made them).
    So happy to see so many of the “group” back together!


    This has been the best week ever – to see many of the old gang back together again. I really am looking forward to cooking through this book. It looks fabulous and a good combo of recipes in all categories. I liked the new version of Dorie’s. I also not only cut the recipe in half but froze half of the half. They were gone in 2 days – I have lots of tasters – so I had to make another batch. Glad your daughter liked them also.

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