Celery Root Soup + Some Catching Up

Happy Friday! I have some catching up to do! While I’ve been doing a pretty good job keeping up with my Cook the Book Fridays cooking, I have been terrible about keeping up with the blog. Which means I have three recipes to share with you today.

Celery Root Soup with Horseradish Cream and Ham Chips

First up is Celery Root Soup with Horseradish Cream and Ham Chips.

The soup itself is pretty basic: leeks, celery root, butter, and some herbs and spices cooked until tender and then blended smooth. What makes this recipe shine is the garnishes! The horseradish cream is made from crème fraîche, horseradish, and a squeeze of lemon juice. The “ham chips” are thin slices of prosciutto baked until crisp. The final flourish is a sprinkling of chives.


I liked this soup a lot, but the rest of my family thought it was only OK (actually my daughter only took one bite and moved on…).

Indian Cheese Bread

Next is Indian Cheese Bread. It’s basically naan stuffed with cheese.

I made a few of these with the cheese stuffing, and the rest I cooked plain. I actually preferred the plain ones, but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

The cheesy version:


You can’t really see the cheese, but it’s there. Also, when I cook this type of bread, I can’t quite seem to find the fine line where the pan is hot enough to actually cook the bread, but not so hot that it gets charred.

The plain version:


There’s nothing like a photo to point out that you should have wiped the plate clean before taking pictures.

Individual Chocolate Cakes with Dulce de Leche and Fleur de Sel

I saved the best for last! Individual Chocolate Cakes with Dulce de Leche and Fleur de Sel are decadent single-serving molten chocolate cakes. You might guess from the title that they each have a spoonful of dulce de leche and sprinkling of sea salt in the middle.


These cakes are best eaten when they are still warm from the oven. As an experiment, I baked half of them right away and baked the rest the next day. They were just as good after an overnight rest, which means they are perfect for a dinner party: assemble early in the day (or the day before) and bake right before serving.


Huge hit! We loved these! I love that these little cakes are flourless. My husband is eating grain-free and he loves chocolate, so this recipe will probably be my go-to decadent treat recipe.

All the recipes mentioned in this post can be found in David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.



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5 responses to “Celery Root Soup + Some Catching Up

  1. Emily

    Wonderful results you have for all three recipes (two of which I have ingredients for, but they did not happen in my kitchen, yet!). When I make the previous fortnights’ recipes, soon, it will be, because of your inspiration!

  2. Welcome back with three dishes side by side. I enjoyed all three recipes, each one a different dish but all outrageously delicious. Didn’t see the dirty plate until you pointed it out. A lovely blue plate, nonetheless.

  3. Good to see you posting again and a great job on all of your recipes. Each and every one of these were really good. I was amazed at how easy it was to make the Indian bread, surprised myself with that one.

  4. I’ve been terrible at keeping up too. Glad I’m in good company!
    I completely agree with you about the garnishes making this soup something special.
    I haven’t made the naan yet. And though I haven’t blogged about them yet, I finally made the cakes yesterday (half batch). We ate two last night, but I chilled the final one to bake tonight. I was wondering whether it would work, so I’m excited that it worked for you. It also means that next time, I’ll go for a full batch because they were incredibly delicious.

  5. Welcome back, Karen. I am SO HAPPY to have you back and I am SO HAPPY to know that those delicious chocolate cakes can be kept overnight and baked off the next day. I made half a recipe and warmed them up over a three-day period (I did not share!) but wish I had baked as I wanted them. Yeah, delicious and I don’t even like chocolate all that much. I plan to make the soup tomorrow. Excited that everyone thought it was good, except your family, of coursea!

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