Baked Provençal Vegetables + Eggplant Caviar

Happy Weekend! This week for Cook the Book Fridays we are celebrating garden vegetables! I made two dishes for this week, and they both feature veggies we grew ourselves.

Baked Provençal Vegetables


It was perfect timing to make Baked Provençal Vegetables this week: I had tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and thyme ready to harvest. We have been enjoying roasted tomatoes this summer, and this was a great recipe to take our roasting up a notch.


This was delicious! It will be something I make every summer to highlight the garden vegetables. Even my daughter enjoyed this one, although she adeptly avoided the zucchini.

Eggplant Caviar


I waited to make Eggplant Caviar until I had enough eggplants from the garden to make it. This is a simple eggplant-based spread made with eggplant, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper, and chopped basil (also from the garden).


I enjoyed this one too. I served it to myself with fresh garden tomatoes and cucumber for a light dinner. I loved the smokey flavor from the paprika. This would be a great make-ahead appetizer.

Have a great weekend!



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5 responses to “Baked Provençal Vegetables + Eggplant Caviar

  1. It must be so wonderful to have every growing in the garden. Each of your dishes turned out beautiful, and look so delicious. I love the look of that bread, did you make it by chance?

  2. Looks delicious!!!

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  3. Lucky you, with that garden of yours. I used all the veggies from my Happy Belly Box (love the name) plus bot a few things from the Farmers Market and picked herbs from my friend’s garden. Everything was so fresh and delicious. Love this time of year. Actually, about that downtime with the computer, after the first few hours of nervousness and fidgeting, didn’t you just kinda sit back and enjoy being unplugged?

  4. I love that you made these dishes from your own harvest!! Two of my recent faves!

  5. Emily

    Envy you Big Time for that bountiful harvest, it is always tastier when it’s home grown!

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