Coq au Vin


Do you ever sit down to write a blog post and you just can’t think of anything interesting to say? I’m having one of those days today…the ideas just aren’t flowing. So please forgive me if my post is a little boring.

My lack of anything interesting to say is no reflection on the Cook the Book Fridays recipe of the week, Coq au Vin (or, Chicken in Red Wine Sauce). In fact, it was quite delicious and I enjoyed it very much.


My daughter seems to have a love-hate relationship with chicken. Sometimes she eats it right up, and other times she hardly touches it. This one she didn’t seem to care for much. Maybe the wine added a flavor that was too exotic?

This recipe hits all the right notes for me: braised chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and a flavorful sauce. All in all, it was a cozy dish to tuck myself into on a chilly night.



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7 responses to “Coq au Vin

  1. I can related. Sometimes I feel more inspired with the cooking and the eating than the writing. I agree this is a perfect winter dinner.

  2. Emily

    That dinner looks delicious! Yes, perhaps the wine put the little one off this dish. Love that you paired it with pasta! Yums!

  3. I have periodic writing blocks, of course. It helps if the dish is something I get excited about. I can see that chicken is chicken. How exciting?

  4. I definitely think this might be a bit rich for kids… but not for adults! SO good!

  5. Yes, I think my daughter has a similar relationship with chicken. Sometimes she snarfs it up and others, no. She actually ate this one (not the sauce, only the chicken) I think because we had her best friend and family over for dinner the night I made this. Having the other kiddo eat helped her out.

    I didn’t think your post was boring at all! Short and sweet!

  6. I’ll bet this was delicious with the noodles, they look so good. We enjoyed this one, and I will try it again for sure. Definitely delicious leftover too.

  7. Love the noodles pairing.

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