A Tale of Two Socks


Over the last couple of months, I have finished knitting two socks. As you can see from the photo above, they are not from the same pair. Some knitters like to knit their socks two at a time to avoid this exact scenario. I prefer knitting them one at a time because it makes the project more portable.

The sock on the left is Strie, Top Down, from the book Sock Architecture. This is my first sock with a flap and gusset heel and the fit is perfect!

The sock on the right is Cableship by Michelle Hunter. It was her October mystery knit-a-long, which is why I started it before finishing the Strie pair. I can’t resist a Michelle Hunter knit-a-long!

I can’t decide which pair of socks to finish first.


On one hand, the Strie sock fits perfectly, and I love the colors, so I can’t wait to start wearing the finished pair. But the sock is kind of boring to knit.


On the other hand, Cableship is more interesting to knit. Also, it has a couple of fit issues, and I am anxious to try a few things on the second sock to see if I can improve the fit.

I guess will just have to wait and see which one I am inspired to pick up and knit!



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5 responses to “A Tale of Two Socks

  1. I have avoided knitting socks, mostly because I’m afraid I’d end up with a basket full of singles! I’m not sure which one you should finish first – they’re both so cute. 🙂

    • It does take discipline to cast on the second sock. I have started both of them, so at least that won’t be the thing that keeps me from finishing! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I agree to knit one sock at a time. That’s how I knit socks too! Glad to hear there is a one timer out there too! Love your socks. I also was in the Cableship group of knitters. Love Zauberball yarn!

  3. dianeschuller.com

    I’m fairly new to knitting socks but do mine taat. What I’d like to know is what other sock knitters prefer in terms of heels, sort of a pro/con of the heels knit so far. I’m really anxious to try an afterthought heel for instance but just when I think I’m going to try it on a sock, I read negative comments and go back to a gusset/flap heel. Your socks look so nice.

    • I’m fairly new to sock knitting too. My favorite heel so far is a heel flap and gusset because it fits my high instep so well. I haven’t tried an afterthought heel yet, but I plan too. Thanks for stopping by!

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