Baked Eggs with Kale and Smoked Salmon


Happy Friday! I am a couple of weeks late with this Cook the Book Fridays recipe, but I have a good excuse: I had a pretty big surgery the day before the post was due. I managed to cook the recipe before my surgery, but I was too busy preparing for surgery to get the post written.

First off, I’m fine! My surgery was not for a life-threatening reason and I am recovering well. I have more and more energy each day, but I do have to take it easy for a few more weeks. I will not be making the November Cook the Book Fridays recipes (but I will definitely make them up at a later date because they look delicious!). Since I need to rest more than usual, I have had extra time for knitting, so maybe you will see some finished projects!

One thing I was busy doing while preparing for my surgery, was making a bunch of meals for the freezer. It has been so nice to have easy, yet tasty, meals already prepared! If there is interest, I might share some of my techniques and recipes with you since I won’t be doing the CTBF posts this month.


So, let’s talk about the recipe: Baked Eggs with Kale and Smoked Salmon. This was an easy, elegant meal. The eggs were baked on a bed of sauteed kale, along with smoked salmon, goat cheese, a little heavy cream, and the wonderful garlic bread crumbs (which I confess I ate quite a few of before even sprinkling them on anything). Like others, I found the eggs took longer to cook than the recipe suggests, but they did cook more quickly when I brought the eggs to room temperature before baking.

We liked this. My husband ate dinner later than me the night I made this, but it was easy to assemble his in advance and pop it in the oven when he was ready. I am not sure I would buy the ingredients just to make these baked eggs, but it is a good way to use up leftover greens or smoked salmon.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I look forward to catching up with my fellow Cook the Book Fridays friends!



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5 responses to “Baked Eggs with Kale and Smoked Salmon

  1. Happy to see you back, and that you’re recovering well! Your dish looks terrific. This wasn’t my all-time favorite as written (and cooked), but I think it would be a good jumping-off point. And the crumbs were really good – the extras came in handy later in the week with a rack of lamb. Happy weekend!

  2. The breadcrumbs are the best part of this egg dish, which is a great formula for using up leftover bits and pieces.
    Do share your knitting projects! I need inspiration. I’m just about finishing the first one of a pair of socks. A friend of mine is doing a charity knitting project for a refugee camp in Greece, so I will try to make some hats for them.
    Good luck with your recovery. I’m glad to hear it’s on track.

  3. Glad you are recovering well! This was a tasty dish but I agree that it is more a starting point than a complete recipe. Be well!

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