Butternut Squash Crumble + Sardine Rillettes


Wow, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind! A mix of work and fun. The work: my husband was in trial for week followed immediately by him being out of town for a week. The fun: a “parents-only” trip to Yosemite and then a two night (very relaxing) family trip to the Lake Tahoe area. Whew!

I still found time to cook, as always. Being able to cook keeps me grounded when the rest of life gets crazy. I have two Cook the Book Fridays recipes to share with you this week: Butternut Squash Crumble and Sardine Rillettes (the official title in the book is “sardine spread”, but I like the sound of rillettes better).

Butternut Squash Crumble:


Butternut squash is one of my husband’s favorite vegetables, so I knew this recipe would be a winner. I did have to make “his and hers” versions though. My husband is off grains, so I topped his version with grated Parmesan cheese and chopped sage. I topped mine with the cornmeal crumble topping as written.


This was good! It made a great side dish to pan-roasted chicken breasts but would also be at home on a holiday table. I loved my version, my husband loved his version, and my daughter loved both versions. Can’t ask for more than that!

Sardine Rillettes:


Sardine Rillettes were a very easy appetizer to throw together. Canned sardines are smashed together with cream cheese, butter, green onions, capers, lime juice, and a few spices. Spread on crackers or bread and enjoy!

I liked this very much. The flavors all went very nicely together. My daughter seemed to enjoy hers and my husband thought it was “fine”. Which means he will eat it, but not request it.

I packed up the rillettes-filled ramekin and took it with us on our Lake Tahoe trip. It was the perfect easy appetizer to enjoy while relaxing and playing games.



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12 responses to “Butternut Squash Crumble + Sardine Rillettes

  1. Emily

    Love that roasted chicken breast you enjoyed with the squash crumble! Both your CtBF dishes look amazing. Both these recipes went down great over at my place!

  2. LOVE butternut squash – especially roasted! I have to giggle in regard to sardines. Believe it or not – I used to eat sardine sandwiches (yes….sardine sandwhiches!!!) as a kid, and loved them! I think I used all that love up back when as that was probably the last time I ate any as well;) Also – love the “fine” comment from the hubby! I know that one as “okay” around these parts.

  3. Lovely! I haven’t made my crumble yet but I can’t wait! We loved the rillettes too!

  4. Your love of cooking shows in these two dishes. I am glad your family enjoy variations of the crumble. Sardine spread is highly portable. A great feature to take along on trips. Good suggestion!

  5. You have been busy! Glad to hear you enjoyed all these – I agree that the butternut squash would be a great holiday side!

  6. Rillettes are a perfect snack to take on a weekend away. (And I agree with you, rillettes over spread.) The crumble is SO good, isn’t it? It’s going to be part of my holiday meal this weekend and I think I’ll bring it to holiday tables all winter.

  7. I admire all of you that pushed ahead and made the sardine spread. I did not, knowing no one would eat it! I also like your two versions of the squash casserole. I enjoyed that and will post later.

  8. Okay, with the sardines, I totally agree that rillettes sounds far more appetizing. Sardine spread reminds me of those 1970s Weight Watchers recipe cards. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a Google search for fluffy mackerel. 🙂 For the crumble, I was wondering how I’d make it grain free and I like the idea of just using the cheese to give it a little crisp! I guess you could also do Emily’s shredded unsweetened coconut! 🙂 You had a couple of winner recipes!

  9. Both your sardine and the crumble looks great! Glad to hear that your family enjoyed both dishes!

  10. I can relate to your statement that cooking keeps your grounded when the rest of life is crazy. I think that’s a common thread between many of the Doristas. The squash was particularly good. We had it with chicken too. Add roasted Brussels sprouts to the plate too! The sardine rillettes is a perfect snack. You’re lucky that your whole family was willing to eat it!

  11. Both dishes look fantastic. I thought the squash looked good while I browned the pieces, but I did finish the recipe. As for the rillettes, that
    was so good too.

  12. Hats off to your daughter liking a sardine spread. It’s taken me more years that I want to admit to get there (I think I ditto your husband’s thoughts). Since I didn’t make Dorie’s version, I did make David’s and my two taster friends loved, loved, loved it. I ate one cracker spread with it. I plan to make the crumble for Thanksgiving. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

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