Cocoa Crunch Meringue Sandwiches


I have been participating in Tuesday with Dorie somewhat sporadically. I decided when the Baking Chez Moi project started that I would not try to bake every recipe. Just the ones that sound good to me. This week’s recipe, Cocoa Crunch Meringue Sandwiches, is one that I couldn’t resist. Not only is it chocolate, but it is also grain-free, so my grain-free, chocolate-loving husband could enjoy it too.


Meringues are fun to make. Sweetened egg whites whipped to stiff peaks are transformed to lightweight, crunchy treats in the oven. In this case, cocoa and finely chopped almonds are gently folded into the egg whites before baking. The finishing (decadent) touch is the ganache sandwiched between two meringues.


One thing I appreciate about Dorie Greenspan’s dessert recipes is that they (for the most part) do not make huge amounts. For the Cocoa Crunch Meringue Sandwiches, this was especially helpful as they really are best eaten the day they are made. The recipe only made 8 sandwiches, with was the perfect amount.

My family enjoyed this little treat!



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9 responses to “Cocoa Crunch Meringue Sandwiches

  1. Your sandwiches look so good. They have great volume. Mine were all flat.
    Glad your family liked them and only 8 so they are finished rather quickly.

  2. These were good, weren’t they? PS: I VERY rarely make the full amount of any of the recipes – minifying all the way!!

  3. yum! a great cookie to ganache ratio, too!

  4. These were seriously delicious! I’m sorry there were only eight. Yours came out lovely, Karen.

  5. Those look beautiful! I didn’t realize they made only eight, or I might have tried them if I’d realized that. I was waiting for an occasion when there was a crowd to feed!

  6. These were delicious weren’t they? I am making them again this weekend for a party and I am doubling the recipe:)

  7. Ooh, those look delicious! How did you get your meringues so fluffy? Any tips?

    • I think the trick is to just be very gentle when folding the nuts and cocoa into the egg whites, and when spooning the batter into the pastry bag.

  8. These were good, weren’t they. The only shame is that there were so few of them.

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