CTBF: Steak with Mustard Butter and French Fries


Happy Friday! I am so glad to be back with another Cook the Book Fridays recipe. This week’s recipe brought to mind a memory from 20-some years ago…

Back in my mid-20’s I had my wisdom teeth removed. For about a week, I subsisted on scrambled eggs and baked potatoes. Needless to say, my palate was bored out of its mind! I had a little cookbook (I still have it, actually) called “The Best of France”. In the book are two steak recipes that sound wonderful. During my week of very boring eating, I was obsessively craving a steak from that book. I would lay in bed or sit at work and all I could think about was making and eating one of those steaks! I must have needed iron or protein or something that was missing from my diet. I never did make that steak, but the memory of craving it has really stuck with me.

Steak with Mustard Butter and French Fries is a modern twist on the classic Steak Frites from my little cookbook. Rib-eye steaks are lightly seasoned with salt, chipotle chile powder, and parsley. After a quick sear in a cast-iron skillet, they are topped with a tasty mustard-flavored butter. Serve the steaks with oven-baked French fries and you have a delicious meal.


This recipe is a keeper! It was a decadent meal perfect for Valentine’s Day. The steak was perfectly cooked and very flavorful. I have always enjoyed making oven-baked fries, but the technique from this recipe produced the best I have ever made. This will now be my go-to French fries recipe. And the steak may now be my go-to “it’s not grilling season” steak recipe.

The recipe for Steak with Mustard Butter and French Fries can be found in David Lebovitz’s book My Paris Kitchen. The steak-only recipe is available on Food52.



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15 responses to “CTBF: Steak with Mustard Butter and French Fries

  1. It WAS fantastic! Mine was a Valentine’s Day meal too! 👏👏👏

  2. Yes this will be my “go to” recipe for fries as well!

  3. I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in college and home for summer break. I had all 4 out at once and so my mother made me every flavor of jello under the sun and I subsisted of that and yogurt for about a week. Somewhere in the week I remember having a massive and urgent salt craving and so she made my chicken broth – to this day I remember how amazing that chicken broth tasted. So, I hear ya.

  4. This was a Valentine’s/Birthday celebration here too. Your steak looks perfect. I thought the method and recipe were terrific. I didn’t make the fries, but will one of these days – they seemed to be a serious hit!!

  5. Beautiful, Karen!! The steak was so good and your fries look fabulous (I didn’t make them and think I’m going to have to after hearing how much people liked them). Glad you all enjoyed it for Valentine’s Day as that was kind of my motivation for having it the second recipe this month. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but I love looking at your header triptych. Warm and inviting and looks delicious!

  6. Sounds like a lot of us made this for Valentines Day. It was the perfect choice! I loved the fries especially. I liked your story about savoring vicarious meals from your little French cookbook. Fortunately, I was born without ANY wisdom teeth — unfortunately, I suppose that means I’m not so wise.

  7. Cher

    That story – I feel for you. I remember when my Sarah had all of her wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago; all she wanted was frozen yogurt – no steak. However, it was the quietest I can ever remember her being 🙂
    This was a nice V-Day dinner. Glad you enjoyed.

  8. Emily

    Love your post contents, and your Valentine’s dinner of steak and fries look fabulous! Those fries… I.. must.. make.. them.. soon!

  9. Everything looks so good. I love cooking the fries this way, so darn

  10. I agree about the fries. Forever. I thought these were as delicious as the french fries I’ve made from the Buvette cookbook. And, those were darn tasty. Since I can’t have a grill where I live, this is also my forever way to cook a steak. What doesn’t taste good with a glob of butter (mustard) piled on top. You are a woman after my own heart with that rare, red steak. I cooked mine about 3 minutes on each side and it was just a tad past rare. My rib-eye wasn’t as thick of yours. Loved this meal and I’m glad you did also.

  11. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    I will definitely be making this again too!

  12. I agree – this was a fabulous meal.The method for the fries is great, the combination of flavours on the steak is marvelous, and it’s not particularly challenging (except, you know, the challenge of starting early), either.

    Love the story about your post-wisdom tooth steak cravings. It’s good the mouth heals relatively quickly!

  13. I am really sorry I did not do this for valentine’s day- a lot of you were smart enough to think ahead!! It was a great dish though and one to be repeated- I love making french fries in the oven too!

  14. I think it’s amazing the things that stick with us!
    Your steak looks absolutely delicious and I loved the rub!

  15. This steak was a big winner with my Valentine! Your steak looks wonderfully perfect! We also enjoyed the fries…absolutely delicious, with a perfect crunch!

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