TWD: Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies

Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies

I’m back! I enjoyed my summer off from blogging, but I hope this marks the beginning of more regular posts from me. We’ll see…I have to get myself back in the habit of both blog reading and writing. With the beginning of the new school year, my family is getting used to a new schedule. School starts two hours earlier than we have been used to in previous years! I feel like I have done a good job establishing a new rhythm to my day, now I just need to insert blogging into that new routine.

I am getting my blogging feet wet with a Tuesdays with Dorie recipe: Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies. These are a simple shortbread-like cookie with your choice of jam filling. I used a homemade strawberry-vanilla jam.

Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies

Yum! What a fun recipe! These were easier to make than I expected. You just need to leave plenty of time for chilling the dough. I used a biscuit cutter with a two-inch wide circumference and found that a generous 1/4 teaspoon of jam was just about right. More might have seeped out the sides, and less tasted too skimpy.

If you are interested in trying these tasty cookies, you can find the recipe in Dorie Greenspan’s latest book, Baking Chez Moi.



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10 responses to “TWD: Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies

  1. Homemade strawberry-vanilla jam sounds delicious. I thought the chilling of the dough a little fiddly but it did make the dough much easier to work with.

  2. Nana

    I agree about the homemade strawberry-vanilla jam, it does sound wonderful. These cookies were good, we really enjoyed them.

  3. These look delish! And strawberry vanilla jam!!! Yummy.

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  4. I found getting the amount of jam a little tricky – I WANTED to put more but I knew it would have oozed out. 1/4 teaspoon sounds about right!

  5. That jam sounds perfect for these cookies! It is difficult to judge just how much jam to put in, isn’t it?

    So glad you’re getting back into blogging. 🙂

  6. Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your summer. It is hard getting used to earlier days. When my son started middle school the day started at 7:45AM. It is hard to make time for everything but we love seeing you when you can.

  7. Wow, your cookies look fantastic! Never even thought about adding vanilla to a jam. Now I’m going to have to go in search of that recipe!

  8. Glad to know the amount of jam that needs to go into each cookie. I always tend to over-do and in baking, that just doesn’t work. Everyone likes this cookie so much that I hope to try them soon. Making 18 is just about right for me. Two hours is a gigantic readjustment. Good for you if you can pull that off easily. I also only blogged twice a month in July and August. Missed the steady-eddy weekly posts. So I am back posting weekly and happy about thaty. Happy to see you cooking with Chez Moi.

  9. Welcome back – this was a fun and tasty recipe. I don’t have any lunchboxes to fill any more, but if I did these would go in it 🙂

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