FFWD: The Play-It-Again-Dorie Recipe

Happy French Friday! It’s our 3rd of 4 “celebration weeks” for French Fridays with Dorie. This week we are to share the recipe from the book we have made the most often.

First, a confession: I haven’t actually repeated many of the recipes from
Around My French Table. I have been so focused on completing all the recipes that I forgot to use the book for everyday cooking. Besides, I have all those other cookbooks on my shelves that needed some love, too. After poring through the book during these celebration weeks, I have a long list of recipes I want to make again. Now I just have to remember to actually use this wonderful book!

Top-Secret Chocolate Mousse

The Chicken for Lazy People I discussed a couple of weeks ago is one of the few recipes I have made several times. Another is Top-Secret Chocolate Mousse.

The Chocolate Mousse won our hearts when I first made it during the recipe’s assigned week. My husband declared it his favorite recipe yet, and I think he would still place it at the top of his list. I love it because it is delicious. But also because it is quick and easy to make (you can whip it up after dinner!) and doesn’t make a large amount. Perfect for when the two adults in this household want an indulgent treat!



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9 responses to “FFWD: The Play-It-Again-Dorie Recipe

  1. Nana

    That does look scrumptious, and quick and easy works well for me.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Excellent choice! For whatever reason, I don’t think I’ve made the mousse again, but you are right, easy, delicious and fast! And it looks great too!!

  3. Chicken for Lazy People and Top Secret Mousse sound like a fantastic meal to me. Perfect choices.

  4. trevorsisboom

    Perhaps at our core we are all lazy people which is why that chicken was so appealing? I’ve made it many, many times!

  5. The chicken for lazy people is a good one. The chocolate mousse and I had a fight so it is not on my list.

  6. Well you CAN whip it up after dinner but it’s so much better the next day. I teach this recipe in my French dessert classes and people go gaga for it (and can’t believe how simple it is!)

  7. Oooh, now I want mousse. If only I had the ingredients on hand.

  8. How could I forget the mousse? I failed to put it on any of my lists, and yet, I’ve made it several times, and I even taught my husband to make it for one of the Food Revolution Days. I want some now too!

  9. The mousse is definitely a repeater – so nice to make for company, even better as a treat! And the Lazy Chicken is competing with the apple cake for most repeated by the group. I’ve made a number of the dishes from the book more than once, but I agree with you that all the cookbooks on the shelf should get a little love.

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