TWD: Lemon Madeleines

Lemon Madeleines

Happy Tuesday!  I’m back with another installment of Tuesdays with Dorie.  This week we made Lemon Madeleines!  I was excited about this one.

These were a basic Madeleine recipe, with the addition of lemon zest in the batter, and an optional lemon glaze. Dorie taught us a few techniques to help achieve the iconic Madeleine “bump”, specifically, chilling the batter and pan, and preheating the oven with a baking sheet in it.

Lemon Madeleines

I left off the lemon glaze, mostly because I thought the little cakes would keep better without it.  The lemon flavor of the finished Madeleines was very subtle; I’m sure it would be more pronounced with the glaze.  I think you could easily leave out the zest and have a classic vanilla Madeleine.

I did not get the classic bump, though my cakes were nicely rounded.  They had a lovely, light texture.  I have to confess I have never had professionally-made Madeleines, but the texture and flavor of these was so nice, I have to think it was close to “the real thing”. These are by far the best Madeleines I have ever made.

Lemon Madeleines

Altitude Adjustments

I have mentioned before that I have to made adjustments to cake recipes because of my higher elevation.  I made two small adjustments to this recipe and they seem to have worked well (except for my missing the bump).  These are my changes for an elevation of 4500 feet:

  • Added 1 tablespoon flour
  • Reduced baking powder by 1/8 teaspoon

If you live at a higher elevation and need help with your cakes, I highly recommend the book High Altitude Baking: 200 Delicious Recipes & Tips for Great Cookies, Cakes, Breads & More.



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12 responses to “TWD: Lemon Madeleines

  1. Your madeleines came out beautifully.
    No bump here either – despite following the directions 😦 I guess I need to keep practicing! More desserts!

  2. I got the intended bump but these cakes would be great even without it. 🙂

  3. I would wolf these little guys down easily…with or without bump!

  4. They look lovely and delicious, bump or not.

  5. Perfectly beautiful madeleines, Karen!! I loved this recipe and the wonderful lemon glaze! For me it’s all about the taste…not the hump!

  6. Amy

    I think they look beautiful. I had never had a madeleine before either. But thought these were delicious!

  7. Nana

    This is my second attempt at making madeleines and I enjoy making them. The lemon flavor was delicious. I did not get any bumps in
    mine either, but they were good just the same.

  8. Your madeleines look perfect — I’m sure they were just as delicious as any purchased in Paris!

  9. they look lovely! this was such a good base recipe, that it would be fun to experiment with different flavorings.

  10. Gorgeous looking little cakes! No humps here either…

  11. Beautiful Madeleines!!!
    Bravo 🙂

  12. They look pretty. I loved the lemon glaze but I think you’re right they’ll keep better without it.

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