FFWD: Spice-Crusted Tuna + Caviar in Aspic

Happy Friday! Boy this week went fast! I think it is because Monday was a holiday, so the week started a day late. Regardless of how fast the week flew by, I managed to make two French Fridays with Dorie recipes, both fishy. I made this week’s recipe, Spice-Crusted Tuna, and the dreaded recipe from a few weeks ago, Arman’s Caviar in Aspic.

Spice-Crusted Tuna with Mango Chatini

Spice-Crusted Tuna with Mango Chatini

First up is a quick and easy recipe using fresh ahi tuna: Spice-Crusted Tuna. Fresh tuna is rubbed with a paste made from cardamom seeds, white peppercorns, coriander seeds, fresh ginger, and salt. Then it is quickly seared in a skillet and served with a drizzle of olive oil.  I topped it with the optional Mango Chatini, found in the “Fundamentals and Flourishes” chapter of Around My French Table.

The recipe called for tuna steaks that were about a half inch thick.  Mine were at least an inch think, so I sliced them in half.  I wish I had not done this as I ended up overcooking my tuna.  The recipe stated that the inside of the steaks should remain pink, but mine were cooked all the way through.

I liked this recipe, but it would have been better if I had not overcooked my tuna.  This is a good quick and easy recipe to make if you are looking for something meaty, but a little different.

Arman’s Caviar in Aspic

Caviar in Aspic

Now it’s time to talk about what might be the most dreaded recipe in AMFT: Arman’s Caviar in Aspic.  Fish flavored jello with scoops of caviar. Ummm…

Needless to say I had to make this one for myself.  No one else in my household would touch this one with a ten foot pole.

So, I made it and I tried it.  I didn’t hate it.  But I can’t say I liked it either.  I can see how, with the right setting, the right people, and the right drinks, this could be an enjoyable sensory experience.  Unfortunately, trying this on a random Thursday afternoon by myself in my sweatpants was not the right setting…

I’m still glad I made this and tried it!  It’s part of the FFWD experience.

Next week we get a (short) reprieve from fish. Stay tuned!



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11 responses to “FFWD: Spice-Crusted Tuna + Caviar in Aspic

  1. tammycirceo

    Yes, the tuna was wonderful … but the best line in your post is in regards to the aspic: “Unfortunately, trying this on a random Thursday afternoon by myself in my sweatpants was not the right setting…” I totally laughed out loud. 😉

  2. Bummer about the tuna. I think it’s tricky to cook tuna which may be part of the reason I don’t like it as much as other fish. It’s best on the grill. You are too kind to the aspic. I had it with good champagne and it was still nasty.

  3. You had me laughing out loud at your description of trying the fancy aspic in sweats:-) And you are entirely correct, some recipes probably just need to be enjoyed in their proper context. Like you, I’m glad that I tried it, it was an experience, one that I am unlikely to repeat.

  4. That is such a bummer about the tuna! I also laughed about you eating the aspic in your sweatpants–so funny, that contrast. 🙂 You are braver than I, though: I do not plan on eating that ever again.

  5. Sorry about your tuna! Although it and the chatini look really lovely!
    I also laughed, reading your description of eating the caviar in aspic! Honestly, there is nothing you could do to fishy gelatin to make it appealing to me…sweatpants or satin dress, I would still find it yucky!!
    Happy weekend, Karen!

  6. The tuna was good, wasn’t it. As for the aspic – well, kudos for making it.

  7. I loved this, and not just because I knocked out the same two recipes this week. You simply had me laughing and commiserating about the short week with the holiday and the fact that such a fancy few recipes were getting knocked out at home and in the case of the caviar – in sweats. Because that is life, no ? Keeping it real. You also shared an opinion similar to mine about it not being as bad as expected (which in my case with the aspic, was pretty bad because I feared the texture as much as the taste…luckily it stayed down :). Great post !

  8. Sorry this didn’t work out as you expected. I liked the flavors of the spice crust. I’m not sure about the right setting, people, and drinks helping the aspic. I served it on New Year’s Eve to adventurous friends with champagne, and while everyone ate it, it didn’t bowl anyone over. Their reaction was similar to yours.

  9. Nana

    Neither of these recipes worked for us, but I was determined to try.
    Your aspic really looks pretty, but I can’t imagine any type of drink
    letting me enjoy this one. Caviar, yes, aspic, no. Have a great week.

  10. Kudos to you for making the aspic. As you can see I have been avoiding some of these fishy Fridays. Have a great week.

  11. Aspic. Tuna. Sweatpants – sounds like quite the adventure 🙂
    I am still handing out gold stars to anyone that made the fish jello.

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