FFWD: Curried Mussels

Curried Mussels

Happy French Friday Saturday! I am a day late with my French Fridays with Dorie post.  I sat down to work on it yesterday, but I must admit I got distracted by the Internet.

This week we made a wonderful dish that tastes way better than the effort put into it.  Curried Mussels are the last of the three mussels recipes in Around My French Table for the group to complete.  It is basically steamed mussels in a creamy curry sauce.

I am always surprised how quick and easy mussels are to cook.  We began by building up a sauce of butter, onion, shallot, curry powder, red pepper flakes, wine, and some herbs.  The mussels are added to the pot and quickly steamed.  Once the mussels are done, the sauce is finished with a bit of cream.  Heaven!

Curried Mussels

Good thing this recipe was quick and easy because I made it for myself for lunch one day.  No way anyone else in my household was going to eat this.  It felt special and decadent to make myself such a wonderful lunch on an otherwise mundane week day!

This was my favorite of the three mussels recipes.  I even slurped up some of the sauce when the mussels were gone.  I will have to remember this recipe next time I’m feeling the need to treat myself to a special lunch.



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7 responses to “FFWD: Curried Mussels

  1. Wasn’t this one delicious? The sauce was so good that I think it’s worth trying with other variations, like some of the Doristas did with shrimp. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. I think you aren’t alone in saying this was your favorite of the mussel recipes! Looks beautiful and it does sound like a really decadent lunch to have all to yourself–that’s awesome!

  3. Oh, my husband and I soaked up every last drop of that sauce, it was delicious! How nice that you got to treat yourself.

  4. What a nice treat for yourself. I did not make these either as me and my son do not like mussels. I am going to try this recipe with shrimp though. I loved my make-up Navarin Printanier. The internet distracts me too:)

  5. This is also my favorite of the three mussels recipes. It sounded kinda horrible but ended up being rich and delicious and, yes, decadent. Every so often I make something so wonderful for lunch that it makes me feel wonderful also. Isn’t it nice to be good to yourself? Glad you had this wonderful recipe for the occasion.

  6. This was so delicious, wasn’t it? I think we all should treat ourselves every once in a while.

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