TWD: Granola Energy Bars

Granola Energy Bars

I am happy to report that things have gotten back to normal around here.  It’s always nice to return to normalcy and routine after the holidays.

Tuesdays with Dorie is kicking off the new year with a healthy recipe from Baking Chez Moi: Granola Energy Bars.  Have you ever made your own granola bars?  I did once before, and while they tasted good, they were too crunchy and crumbly. I was very excited to give Dorie’s recipe a try!

Granola Energy Bars

Besides oats, nuts, and dried fruits, Dorie’s recipe includes shredded coconut, vanilla extract, and her secret ingredient, brown rice syrup.  While she gives us specific ingredients and measurements for these healthy bars, she also gives us permission to mix and match with our favorite nuts and dried fruits. I did a mix of slivered almonds, raw sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and mini chocolate chips.

Verdict?  Wonderful!  These granola bars are chewy and delicious.  I love the idea of experimenting to find my favorite, signature blend of nuts and fruits.  The mini chocolate chips melted into the mixture, so next time I will wait for everything to cool before I mix them in, or else use cocoa nibs.  I also want to try these with coconut oil in place of the butter, as suggested by a fellow TWD member.

Granola Bars

These were a big hit with my family.  My husband has been eating them for breakfast.  My daughter has been enjoying them in her school lunches or as after-school snacks.  And I like one as an after workout lift-me-up.  I can see myself making these on a regular basis!

What did the rest of the TWD crowd think?  You can find out here!



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13 responses to “TWD: Granola Energy Bars

  1. This was my first time making granola bars and was quite happy with the texture. Yours look great – glad they were a hit for you.

  2. Your bars look delicious! And isn’t it great to find a granola recipe that lets you cut it into bars?

  3. I really like the size and shape you cut your bars, they look so attractive in that shape. Like you, we liked the chewy part of the bar, ours weren’t hard at all like others found…I took them out at 30 minutes and was so happy with them.

  4. I have been eating these for breakfast too! They actually sparked back cravings for the cowboy cookie recipe you shared with me on our Valentine’s Day exchange two years ago.

  5. I agree that normality is good. These bars were delish – glad you enjoyed them too.

  6. It seems like everyone is happy for the holidays to be over. I know I am! I need to find brown rice syrup. I didn’t have any and used maple syrup which gave a nice flavor but I think the texture is better with the brown rice syrup. Your bars look really good!

  7. This was the first time I’ve made Granola bars! And they did not disappoint! Absolutely delicious! Yours look lovely! Love this recipe!

  8. Agreed! These were a hit in our home too.

  9. I totally agree that these are fantastic! Thanks for the tips re the coconut oil and adding the chocolate at the end!

  10. Nana

    So easy, so delicious, and definitely a repeat recipe.

  11. Your bars look perfect, Karen. These were fun to make.

  12. I make granola fairly often, but never thought to run them into bars. These were so easy and delicious. Will be making bars often now too.

  13. These were great, easy and delicious. A nice way to start the year. Happy baking.

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