TWD: Palets de Dames, Lille Style

Palets de Dames, Lille Style

Welcome to my very first Tuesdays with Dorie post! We will be baking our way through Dorie Greenspan’s brand new book, Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere.

A little history lesson: Over six years ago, Tuesdays with Dorie was begun by a few bloggers wanting to bake their way through Dorie’s book, Baking: From My Home to Yours. When Around My French Table came out four years ago, French Fridays with Dorie was spun off, and I joined that group a few months after it was created. Now that Dorie’s new book is out, Tuesdays with Dorie is taking it on!

I have decided not to try making every recipe from this new book like I am with Around my French Table. I will just do those recipes that sound good to me and that I have time for. I just can’t make that many desserts! Luckily for me, the first recipe the group chose was one that sounded really good to me.

Palets de Dames

The inaugural recipe from Baking Chez Moi is a delicious cookie called Palets de Dames, Lille Style. They are a simple, slightly cakey, iced vanilla cookie.

These cookies are as good as they look! I ate more of these than I care to admit. Their cute size means they are easy to pop into your mouth! My inability to stop eating these just proves that I can’t be trusted to bake every treat in this book and not gain ten pounds.

Palets de Dames

This was a fun recipe to kick off Baking Chez Moi and my participation in Tuesdays with Dorie.

Like FFWD, Tuesdays with Dorie does not share recipes.  We want to encourage people to buy the book. However, this cookie recipe is available online here, if you are interested in giving it a try.

Happy Baking!



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19 responses to “TWD: Palets de Dames, Lille Style

  1. LW

    So glad to have you baking along with us. Your cookies look perfect! So cute.

  2. Tricia S

    So nice to see a familiar blog from AMFT 🙂 We are off to a great start with these yummy cookies and I am really looking forward to having this new project. The cookies really stand out on your lovely blue plate ~

  3. Nana

    Lovely and delicious. Glad we will be baking together.

  4. So glad to see you here, Karen! It’s really nice to have our friends from FF’s baking together! Your cookies look lovely and they really were quite delicious! Happy baking!!

  5. I love your cookies and your china! Glad to be baking along with you.

  6. This is my first post with TWD. I am looking forward to the new book. I hope I can keep up with both groups.

  7. These cookies were good!
    Nice to see so many faces from FFwD over here.

  8. Welcome to the group! So glad you’re baking with us. The cookies look yummy!

  9. I feel you about not being able to cook absolutely every dessert in the book. My plan is to become the most popular person at the office. 🙂

  10. I think we all popped a lot of these in our mouths!

  11. Lovely cookies! I also ate way too many of these…you know, quality control testing and all. Looking forward to baking with you! – mary

  12. Glad you are baking along! Your cookies look perfect and like you said just right for popping in your mouth! 🙂

  13. These are addictive, aren’t they? I’m glad that so many of the French Fridays crew is over here, too.

  14. Hi, Karen! Great photos and your cookies look wonderful, especially the one with the drip of icing! Thank you for going over to Instagram and commenting on mine. XO

  15. These look great! Can’t wait to see more recipes! 🙂

  16. Your cookies look perfect and I love seeing that inside shot of the middle portion, nice touch. YUM! I did the first TWD and then started with FFWD but too many of the picked recipes didn’t hit home here so I went rogue and just cooked on my own from that book. Same with TWD Baking with Julia…just couldn’t keep up. So happy to be back with one I know I can manage a little better! It will be fun baking with you.

  17. I am only going to make the ones that sound good to me too. I made these cookies a few weeks ago when FFWD did the birthday celebration, so I’m waiting to jump in until the next one that appeals. It will be fun to have friends in the group.

  18. I don’t think I can keep up with all the recipes either, and I like your plan! These were tasty gems.

  19. I think a lot of us had a problem with not popping one or two (or more) in the mouth, as we passed by the full plate. These were a tasty treat!

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