Garbure From the Supermarket

Garbure from the Supermarket

It’s Friday once again!  This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe is called Garbure From the Supermarket.

A garbure is a rustic soup, usually containing beans, cabbage, potatoes, and duck confit.  Since duck confit is not easy (or inexpensive) to find in the United States, Dorie came up with this version using ingredients more readily found here.

Dorie gave us several options:  1) pork shoulder or ham bone; 2) an optional duck leg; 3) an optional sausage; and 4) a variation using duck confit.  I went with 2 small ham shanks, no duck, and no sausage.  Also, I had some Christmas Lima Beans on hand, so I used them instead of the navy or cannellini beans.  Otherwise, I stuck with the recipe.

Garbure with Christmas Lima

As I read through this recipe I had one big concern.  This soup simmers for 3 hours, and the vegetables (carrots, celery, turnips, potatoes, and cabbage) are cooked that entire time.  I was concerned the vegetables would turn into mush, and a fellow Dorista confirmed this fear.  So, I added the veggies at the half way point.  I still felt that they were overcooked, so next time I would only cook them for the last hour.

I really liked this hearty soup.  I was happy with my choice of using ham shank, but I would love to try it with pork shoulder and a sausage someday.  Having this soup simmer away all day made me wish for wintery weather (my apologies to those of you on the East coast…).  I could picture myself and family holed up in a cozy cabin in the snow with this soup to keep us warm.



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11 responses to “Garbure From the Supermarket

  1. We have plenty of winter weather we’d love to share with you. Ice and up to 10 inches of snow this weekend! Yikes. Glad you enjoyed your garbure, too.

  2. Yes, as an East Coast Dorista, I can confirm that this one is definitely perfect for our frigid weather. It warms you right up. For some reason, my vegetables did not turn to mush. They held their shape fine.

  3. Being holed up in a cabin while it snows is only romantic the first snow…then it becomes a pain in the neck! I know we have plenty of snow in NJ that we would gladly send your way! The soup was delicious and was a big hit in my house! At the moment we’re in Florida escaping the cold wintery weather! Happy Weekend, Karen!

  4. teaandscones

    I was glad for a COOL nite just so I could make this soup. It got better as the days went by. After 3 hours our veggies were still in pretty good shape.

  5. Uh, Karen, perhaps you shouldn’t be bringing up anything about wishing for wintery weather or being in a cozy cabin in the snow right now. From what I read from our Sisters on the East Coast, Midwest and Canada, they have had it with the whole winter thing. If you notice I am NOT mentioning sunshine or no-jacket weather or beautiful sunsets in my Posts right now – hostility might reign. Since I’ve been there, done that, through many Colorado winters, I do understand how they feel and maybe you should hold those thoughts!!! (LOL) Glad you and your crew liked the garbure. I did, as well.

  6. The pork shoulder was tasty but I’m guessing that ham would give off even more flavor to the soup. Glad you enjoyed it. You’ll have to try the crockpot to keep the veggies from getting mushy next time. I definitely going to test it.

  7. Nana

    I am glad you enjoyed this soup, it certainly looks delicious.

  8. Yes, our East Coast weather made this the perfect choice- in fact it is snowing again as I write this. It was fun how we could change out the various meats but then I guess that is what happens when you end up with a soup recipe. It is what you have on hand or available from the “supermarket” as Dorie offered. This was a hit in our house. Which is very good because it made a ton 🙂

  9. It’s a good thing your East Coast Doristas like you so much 🙂 I am sure we would LOVE to share the winter weather with you…

    This soup was hearty fare for a winter meal – a fireplace (with a warm fire) would go well with this one.

  10. Wonderful soup you got there! Be careful when wishing for weather; they are sometimes granted in leaps and bounds!

  11. Sounds like a good idea to wait to add the vegetables. Yours turned out beautifully!

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