FO: Mini Mitts

Adorable Fingerless Gloves

My daughter has always struggled with gloves and mittens.  They just don’t fit her well and it’s hard to get her hands into them.  Not to mention the fact that she just doesn’t like the way they feel and rips them off almost immediately.  Her poor hands get so cold in the winter!

Last year while I was making my own pair of fingerless gloves, it occurred to me that a well-fitting pair of fingerless gloves might work for her too.

Great fit!

After some searching, I settled on the free Adorable Kids Fingerless Gloves pattern.  I wanted something simple that used a lightweight yarn (fingering in this case).

Since I wanted these to fit very well, and not be too loose and bulky, I carefully considered what size to make and how to adjust them to fit.   Her hand measured on the upper end of the size range, so I made a size large and added some length.

Mini Mitts

I am very pleased with the fit of these gloves.  They fit, well, like gloves!  (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

Unfortunately I didn’t get these finished in time for the cold snap we had in early December, and it has been quite warm since.  But she did get a chance to wear these on a recent morning, and she wore them all the way to school without taking them off!  Success!  Hopefully we have some more cold weather so we can make use of these some more, and I am sure they will still fit next year.


Pattern:  Adorable Kids Fingerless Gloves by KiwiYarns

Yarn:  Stroll Multi Sock Yarn from KnitPicks.  It’s a fingering weight.  The content is 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon.

See my Ravelry project for details on the adjustments I made to the pattern for size.


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