FO: Colormatic Cowl MKAL


I recently participated in another mystery knit-a-long (MKAL).  This one was sponsored by Knit Purl Hunter and The Skacel Collection.  I have really enjoyed the two KALs I have participated in:  they keep me on track so I can actually finish the project (hmm…related to my procrastination problem?) and the camaraderie on Ravelry is a lot of fun.

Like the last MKAL I participated in, this one had me learning new techniques, which is part of the fun!  I have never done any kind of color work before (I wasn’t even sure I wanted to), and making this cowl was a wonderful, gentle introduction.  We also learned the Kitchener stitch, to graft the two ends of the cowl together.

Colormatic with Black Coat

The recommended yarn was Kenzie, by HiKoo.  I decided to go with the recommendation.  I still consider myself a newish knitter and am still learning how to choose appropriate yarns for my projects.  This gave me a chance to try a new yarn, and not worry about making a poor choice.  Kenzie was great to work with and I love all the colors.  It was very hard to choose which colors I wanted to use!

Colormatic Cowl

I learned something about myself while making this:  I don’t like scarves.  For me, they are awkward and unruly.  I find it difficult to get them into a position I like and keep them that way.  The cowl solves all those problems.  Pop it on my neck and I am good to go.  I think I will be making cowls and not scarves from now on.

I love my finished cowl!  I chose the colors to go with my black winter coat, and I think I chose well.

Cowl with Coat

If you are interesting in making your own Colormatic cowl, the free pattern is available here, or you can find it on Ravelry.  Check out my Ravelry project for additional pictures, and see all the other beautiful cowls too!  Note:  You must be a member of Ravelry to see it.


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