Salade Niçoise

Salad Niçoise

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. We have had a glut of tomatoes from the garden, and while they are wonderful, I am getting tired of cooking “summer tomato” recipes and am really ready to start cooking more comforting autumn meals.  Salad Niçoise was the perfect bridge because I could still use up some tomatoes, but in a different way than I have been.  I also got to use green beans and potatoes from the garden!

Funny story about the potatoes:  We were out in the vegetable garden on Saturday.  I noticed that something had been doing some serious digging in my raised bed (no damage, fortunately).  Suddenly we noticed a potato sitting on the ground.  Then more potatoes, just sitting there out in the open.  That something (I suspect a raccoon) dug up several potatoes and just left them untouched on top of the soil.  No scratches, or bites, or any kind of damage (whew!).  In fact, there were just enough potatoes dug up for this recipe.

Salade Niçoise

We really enjoyed this salad.  The variety of flavors and textures all go so well together.  What a wonderful way to enjoy the Fall harvest!

You can find the recipe for this version of Salade Niçoise in Dorie Greenspan’s book, Around My French Table.



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13 responses to “Salade Niçoise

  1. inte fan gör det det


  2. Eileen

    Karen – you want to come to Colorado and start cooking for me? : ) this is a great recipe – thanks!

  3. SO great that you got to use produce from your own garden! Jealous!

  4. Oh man, those critters outdoors are such a pain to gardens. Glad you were able to salvage your taters!

  5. Emily

    What a lovely story about the garden! Love your classic presentation of the salad.

  6. Your salad looks beautiful and very appetizing. I don’t like anchoives but I also placed them on top of the salad, on the tuna, I think. During the entire time that Michael and I lived in Aspen, we always planted rows and rows of potatoes. They grew great in the high altitude. Every Fall we would dig the potatoes up together, he, with the shovel, me on my hands and knees, finding them. Then we’d have potato parties. Our friends looked forward to them. Your Post brought back wonderful memories.

  7. What a kind critter digging up those potatoes for you and not eating them. Lucky you that you still have tomatoes too. Beautiful salad.

  8. It’s a miracle the critter didn’t eat those potatoes. How fun all the vegetables came from your own garden. Your salad looks terrific. I loved this one.

  9. haha! Thats awesome! My garden suffered a serious battle with a squirrel (or family of.. who knows really, I didn’t tag them) so mostly our garden is just gone. with a capital G. oh well. 🙂 I had to smile when I saw how few greens were poking out from under your toppings – its how I like my salads too but it was just too funny – its probably the late hour 🙂

  10. The raccoon just wanted to help out! Great looking salad.

  11. You forgot to tip your helper 🙂 We have problems here with birds and anything we grow that’s not leafy. They will pick on anything!

    I’m happy you enjoyed the WA pictures on Instagram. I’m one grateful Cookie (Butter) monster thanks to you.

  12. Great looking salad, Karen! I love that you grew most of the veggies yourself. I have never grown potatoes. Have a great day!

  13. Hi Karen -you are so lucky to have fresh tomatoes from your garden–that makes the best salad ever 😉

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