Endives, Apples, and Grapes

This week’s French Friday’s with Dorie is an interesting side dish called Endives, Apples, and Grapes.  It’s main ingredients are…wait for it!…endives, apples, and grapes!

This was a very simple dish to put together, which was nice for the busy week I had.  Two endives were sliced in half, a Fuji apple was quartered, and some grapes were divided into four small clusters.  These were placed in frying pan with melted butter and fresh rosemary.  After cooking for 20 minutes and browning on the first side, all the fruits and veggies are turned over to cook for another 20 minutes.  The result was nicely browned and caramelized.

I had some concern about my apples…they did not seem to soften and cook through even though they browned nicely.  I expressed my concern to my husband after he had eaten most of his, and he thought they tasted great.

I served this with roasted pork tenderloin (from Molly Steven’s All About Roasting, which I highly recommend!).  It was the perfect accompaniment!  The flavors of the apple and grapes went particularly well with the pork.  We were not completely sold on the endive.  It was a little bitter, though I enjoyed the soft caramelized texture.



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11 responses to “Endives, Apples, and Grapes

  1. Great pictures. Your dish looks lovely. My favorite was the grapes. I served mine as a light dinner, but next time I will try it with pork. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a nice weekend:)

  2. Anonymous

    Looks lovely. We really enjoyed this recipe and will be making it again. This is the first time I ever cooked endive, but I loved the taste. Have a
    great weekend.

  3. It looks beautiful on that serving dish and your plate is lovely as well. I served it with chicken so I guess I better make it again soon and try the pork as that looks wonderful!

  4. Nice touch taking the extra strip off the apples. The peel was the hard part for me. I loved this and it featured my beloved rosemary so I will certainly make it again and again.

  5. Beautiful presentation!!! weren’t the grapes amazing?

  6. Looks like a perfect autumn meal, Karen. I never ate endive cooked before and did end up liking it, though it’s the grapes I keep dreaming about.

  7. I think the endive was the ingredient of dissent this week 🙂
    Looks lovely – the grapes were what sold me…

  8. I really enjoyed this dish! Yours looks wonderfully delicious! This is a keeper!

  9. We had ours with pork as well! On it’s own, I didn’t really like the taste, but all the ingredients together went well! Your dish looks great!

  10. wow, your entire meal looks really, really great!

  11. Your salad looks beautiful. I’ll have to try this recipe soon.

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