Chicken Basquaise

Making this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe, Chicken Basquaise, felt like a gateway to fall and winter cooking.  In the summer I cook differently.  A little lighter.  Meats are grilled.  Veggies are quickly sauteed or served raw.  No stews simmering on the stove and no long braises.

But cooking Chicken Basquaise changed the game.  The vegetables were cooked slowly until meltingly tender, and the chicken stewed gently on the stove.  Summer wasn’t abandoned completely: the stars of the show were gorgeous bell peppers, rounded out by tomatoes from the garden.

I have to admit, I love the comfort of fall and winter cooking.  Knowing I have something nourishing simmering on the stove, with the smell wafting through the house.  I look forward to fall when I can begin cooking more slowly.

Making the pipérade:

I used the leftovers to make a Basque classic, pipérade and eggs:



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6 responses to “Chicken Basquaise

  1. Your pictures are beautifully colorful 🙂
    I am ready for gateway to fall food, just not readt to enter the gateway that fall weather leads into – winter…

  2. Teresa

    Lovely job! I saved some of the pipérade for eggs the next day, too. I’ll always do that – everyone loved it.

  3. Beautiful! Looks so yummy. Love all the juice.

  4. I agree, this was like a transitional dish, cold weather cooking style, with summer vegetables. I loved the sauce. I also made eggs with some of the sauce. Yum!

  5. That looks so good! The piperade with eggs looks fantastic!
    I agree with you, I love cooler weather cooking. There’s something incredibly satisfying about it.

  6. love the slow cooking on winter days 🙂 keeps the chill away when you are in front of a nice hot stove with something to drool about piping away on the stove!

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