Warm Scallop Salad with Corn, Nectarines, and Basil

August seems to be flying by!  I know it’s only the 10th, but it feels like the month is over already because so much is happening in the next couple of weeks.  Before I know it, my daughter will be back to school!

I skipped last week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe partly because I was on vacation (yay!), but mostly because I am waiting for our garden tomatoes to be ready.  I will be making it (tomato-cheese tartlets) as soon as I can!

This week’s recipe is a perfect summer meal called Warm Scallop Salad with Corn, Nectarines, and Basil.

To make the recipe, nectarine halves and sea scallops are quickly grilled and plated.  Scatter the plate with fresh corn and halved grape tomatoes, then drizzle with lime dressing.  Finally, dot the scallops and veggies with basil coulis (kind of like pesto, but without the garlic, cheese, and pine nuts).  The only change I made to the recipe was to briefly cook the corn because I don’t really care for it  raw.

I made 3 variations of this recipe.  See if you can guess who’s plate is who’s:

1) As written with scallops:

2) With leftover grilled chicken and a token scallop:

3) Buttered corn, tomatoes, grilled hot dog, and ketchup:

My husband and I (I’m sure you guessed the hot dog plate belonged to my daughter) really like the veggies with the lime dressing and basil coulis, but we both felt the flavor of the nectarine didn’t really go with the rest of the dish.  I cooked the scallops perfectly and really enjoyed them.  My husband said the chicken went well with the flavors too.

I can see making the corn and tomatoes with the lime dressing and basil coulis as a side dish to any number of main dishes, particularly fish or chicken.

This was a perfect meal for the hot week we are having!



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14 responses to “Warm Scallop Salad with Corn, Nectarines, and Basil

  1. I love the chicken version! Great job! Have a nice weekend:)

  2. I can definitely see the basil sauce on chicken being delicious.

  3. Too cute! All 3 verions look great. Looking forward to seeing your tomatoes – we’ve had only 1 so far. It’s been a weird, cool summer in SoCal & only just now feels like summer.

  4. love your plates!! 🙂 my daughters plate looks like that too!

  5. All 3 versions look perfect for each person:). funny, we loved the nectarines but felt like the tomatoes got lost.

  6. Haute salads! Lovely idea! Never thought of chicken when I was making this but yes, it does make sense.

  7. Teresa

    I was a little sad that my two tomatoes that were ripening weren’t ripe enough for last week’s recipe. The rest of my tomatoes are still green! We’ve had a cool summer and it’s only now that the garden’s taking off.

    Love the look of both versions of the salad

  8. Love that you took pictures of all the different plates. Each one looks like a delicious variation on the theme.

  9. This is the best idea! I should have just made the salad with ALL the scallops for ME and made Tristan a chicken one! Next time….all your plates look great but yours is definitely my favorite.

  10. I love your daughter’s plate 🙂
    It’s fun that you personalized it to fit in with each person’s tastes. Very nice!

  11. Chicken. That’s it. I picked up food poisoning from eating scallops years ago and have never been able to be friends with them since. I couldn’t figure out what would be good on top of the salad so I passed this week and just made “salt”. (Well, that was fun, I must admit.) I was thinking about a salmon patty but I think a sliced chicken breast would be perfect – I love the combination of everything else, even the nectarine, but just wasn’t sure how to finish it off. Thank you. And, your daughter’s plate doesn’t look bad either.

  12. That’s so cute! I think the chicken would be great. And hey, sometimes a hot dog is just what needs to happen…

  13. Little known secret: I LOVE hot dogs! Though I think this salad would win in a throwdown. I really liked the basil coulis and plan to make more now that I used up the original batch for the scallop salad.

  14. Funny I had my grandkids last week and made hot dogs for them twice…that’s what they wanted!!
    Your Scallop Salad looks lovely!! Glad you enjoyed it! I really loved the lime dressing!

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