Nutella Tartine

I thought this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe would be right up my alley.  One of my favorite snacks is a piece of toast spread with chocolate-hazelnut spread (I don’t use Nutella – my favorite brand is Cocoa Haze!).

My Favorite Snack!

Nutella Tartine is a glorified version of my favorite snack.  A slice of brioche is toasted under the broiler, then spread with bitter orange marmalade.  Softened chocolate-hazelnut spread is drizzled on top of the marmalade, and then the whole thing is finished with a sprinkling of fleur del sel and chopped hazelnuts.

Nutella Tartine

Remember that brioche dough I saved from the Bubble-Top Brioches?  Well, I got that out of the freezer and made a loaf of brioche.  Yum!  I also found a wonderful orange fig spread on the clearance rack at my Safeway.  I used both to make this treat.

If you look closely you can see me in this picture.

It turns out I didn’t really care for the combination of flavors in Nutella Tartine.  I think it was the combination of the orange marmalade and the chocolate in particular that I did not like.  My husband wasn’t a big fan either.  He couldn’t get his head around the idea of chocolate on bread (not a problem I have!).  He thought a piece of that brioche toasted with butter and spread with the orange fig jam would be better (it was!).

I think I will stick to my favorite toast and Cocoa Haze! from now on.



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13 responses to “Nutella Tartine

  1. There have definitely been some mixed reviews on the combination of orange and choco/hazelnut spread. It seems that a lot of us used apricot preserves – maybe that would have been a better fit for you guys? The orange/fig marmalade does sound delicious. I hope you keep enjoying it with your brioche.

  2. I love orange/chocolate together but understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Smart girl to save some brioche dough!

  3. Yeah, not a fan of the marmalade, that’s why I used cherry preserves instead. At least the preserves were on sale!

  4. The orange fig marmalade definitely caught my eye.
    We used cherry preserves and loved that combo!

  5. I know, I was suspicious of this — I don’t like those chocolate orange things that peel apart into “sections,” but for some reason, I liked the marmalade with nutella (maybe it was the warm bread?).

  6. Your orange fig marmalade sounds good but I can see it might not be my favorite with Nutella. I thought the salt added a ton of flavor to this.

  7. That fig marmalade is so great! I agree with your husband, but I might be partial since I don’t eat chocolate. Looks delicous!

  8. I like the “self-portrait” in the jam jar. I didn’t really like this one because I don’t like chocolate and orange together, and I’m not wild about nut butter on bread. I didn’t think of dropping the Nutella, and just having a nice piece of toast with delicious jam and a sprinkle of nuts like you did. I still have some leftovers, so that sounds like breakfast tomorrow.

  9. I will have to do this on a catch up post soon. I wondered about the flavor combination and if it is something I will like. I am the same way about chocolate – can eat it on anything! Your tartine looks good though! I have not seen cocoa haze before. Will have to look for it and give it a try.

  10. LOL, I just smeared the nutella (warm of course) over the jam, since we LOVE Nutella here and it went over so well 🙂 My cousin will put Nutella on ANYTHING!

  11. I agree, this wasn’t my favorite recipe either. I’m going to look for Cocoa Haze the next time I’m at the store – it sounds better than nutella!

  12. Karen

    Elaine and Jora – The Cocoa Haze is available at Whole Foods!

  13. I had no problem with the combo of flavors…however, I found this just too sweet! I would rather have had just plain nutella or plain orange marmalade. Would love the orange fig spread…sounds delicious!

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