Garden Journal: Tomato Varieties Galore!

When I was out in the garden the other day I was struck not only by how pretty the tomatoes are, but also by the differences in how each variety is formed.  I thought it would be fun to share them all with you!

This Big Beef is almost ready to harvest!

Champion VFNT:

Yellow Pear tomatoes.  I love the way these ones look.

Japanese Black Trifele.  These heirloom tomatoes will be deep blackish purple when they are ripe.

Basket Pac.  These look like they will be cherry tomatoes.

Brandywine, another heirloom variety:

Cherokee Purple (also an heirloom variety).  The description says “dusty pink outside, purple-green inside”.  But the picture  of the outside looks pretty purple to me.

Early Girl Hybrid:

Supersweet 100.  This plant is covered in very prolific branches of cherry-sized tomatoes!

Mr. Stripey.  Another heirloom, this one will be red and yellow striped when ripe.

Some sort of larger cherry-type tomato:

San Marzano.  This is my first time growing these and I am excited to try them!

Sun Gold Hybrid.  I grew these orange cherry tomatoes last year and they are so good!  The one furthest to the right was harvested and eaten minutes after this photo was taken.

A tasty treat!

A few young sun golds just starting to grow:

This post is part of Garden Tuesday hosted by Sidewalk Shoes.



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3 responses to “Garden Journal: Tomato Varieties Galore!

  1. You have such a great variety, Karen! I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the heirloom tomatoes because the flavors are so wonderful. The colors and the shapes vary which makes it fun to watch them grow. Thank you for sharing your garden with us!

  2. Liz

    I’m green with envy over all your fabulous tomatoes and tomatoes to be! Lucky you!

  3. pam

    I am so jealous of all those tomatoes!!! Thanks for linking up!

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