Spinach and Bacon Quiche

I don’t think I’ve ever made quiche before.  I also rarely order it.  It’s not that I don’t like quiche; I just like other things more.  This may change now that I’ve tried Around My French Table‘s Spinach and Bacon Quiche.

This was a very yummy quiche that my 7 year old daughter loved!  But what’s not to love about bacon, eggs, cheese and spinach?

Start with a partially-baked tart shell.  This is my first time using Dorie’s Tart Dough recipe and it is a winner!  The crust was buttery and flaky and delicious.

Pre-Baked Crust

Add sauteed onion, garlic, spinach and chopped bacon to the tart shell.

Add the savory filling

Next, whisk together a couple of eggs and some heavy cream and pour it over the savory ingredients.

Pour the Egg-Cream Mixture

Sprinkle a little grated Paremesan cheese on top.

Top with Parmesan Cheese

Wait patiently for the quiche to bake.

Fresh from the Oven





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19 responses to “Spinach and Bacon Quiche

  1. Wow, your quiche looks good! I skimped on the feeling (the spinach, not the bacon) and wished I hadn’t after seeing how gorgeous yours is!

  2. Justine

    Wow – just in time for breakfast! I love savory AM foods… this looks like it was for dinner? Quiche is great any time of day!

  3. Maureen

    That looks so appetizing. Your photography keeps getting better and better.

  4. I love Dorie’s tart crust recipe, too… especially the sweet version! Your quiche is absolutely beautiful – so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  5. Beautiful Quiche! Great photos! Quiche is one of the things I have always made..great for brunch or a lunch with the girls along with a nice salad! Glad you enjoyed yours.

  6. Your picture with the crust filled with spinach made me wish I took a picture of mine too at that stage. It’s just so pretty to look at.

  7. Look great – I agree her crust recipes are wonderful!

  8. Kristi

    I love quiches! I make them quite often for dinner – easy way to get protein and veggies in the girls;) My only problem is not eating too much:(

  9. Quiche is one of my favorite things to make and this one was delicious. I liked the streamlined simplicity of this one. I love your pictures, too!

  10. Loving the picture of the cream being poured over the filling.
    Looks great – glad you enjoyed.

  11. nana

    Your quiche looks fantastic. It’s a great dish to serve anytime, lunch,
    dinner, whenever. Your photos are really nice to look at as you go through
    the recipe. Tricia and I both loved this dish and will be using it again.
    I just love how easy the crust is to make and it tastes wonderful too.

  12. Liz

    Picture perfect quiche! How utterly gorgeous your browner top is….yum!

  13. Your crust and filling look perfect! And all your photos are beautiful, Karen!

  14. Karen, I have recently found your blog and really enjoy reading it. So I am passing on an 8 in one award that was passed to me. I think you really deserve it, so Congrats! You can pick it up via my blog.

  15. Candy

    So happy you liked your quiche. It looks terrific! Mmmmmmmm asparagus, that would be good inside the quiche too!

  16. Beautiful. Just beautiful! I’m so glad your 7 year old daughter loved it and ate her spinach. Smart girl! Your quiche looks delish!

  17. Looks great! Asparagus was a nice choice for a side. I can’t enough of it this time of year.

  18. Great photos!
    My kids loved it as well. They even asked if there was enough to pack for school lunches the next day.

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