Garden Journal: Potatoes and Other Progress

I got my potatoes planted today!  These are the varieties I planted:

  • Yukon Gold – 4 plants
  • Red Pontiac – 4 plants
  • All Blue – 2 plants
  • Russet – 2 plants

Cut and ready for "curing"

Last year I grew Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold and had great success.  I added in All Blue and Russet this year just for fun!

One problem I ran into last year is that I planted my potatoes way too deep and they took forever to appear at the surface.  Hopefully this year I planted them the right depth!

Ready to Plant

My husband has done some work on his section of the garden too:

Newly built beds

Yes, we have separate sections in our garden.  We are both into growing vegetables but have different ideas of what we’d like to grow and what techniques to use.  This way we each get to plant what we want, how we want!  We do share some of the work:  I will lay out the drip lines for both of us, and he will build me some structures for my beans and cucumbers.

The tulips under our tree are blooming!  This is the prettiest part of our yard and it only lasts for a week or so.  I love how the sunlight “lights” them up.


On a final note, I have only had a few sprouts come up from all those seeds I planted a few weeks ago.  It is very difficult for me to keep the top few inches of soil moist enough for the seeds to germinate, even though I try to water every day.  I really need to get the drip lines set up and running – that would probably help.

Anyone have any advice on keeping the soil moist in a dry climate?


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  1. You are going to have lots of great potatoes. Too funny about you and your husband having different sections to garden. Totally understand that! 🙂 Your tulips are beautiful! They add so much color to the garden, don’t they? I just hate that they don’t last very long. I wish I had the space to plant them in drifts.

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