Pizza Disaster!

So, tonight I made pizza for dinner.  I was using my new favorite pizza crust recipe and a jar of pizza sauce I picked up in St. Helena, CA a couple of weeks ago.  I topped it with chicken and grape tomatoes, and it was looking good!

The cookbook I use has you start the pizza at the top of the oven in a pizza pan.  Then when it is almost done, you move it off the pan with a pizza peel to the bottom half of the oven (onto a pizza stone if you have one) to brown the bottom of the crust.  This is where I ran into trouble…

As I attempted to get the pizza peel underneath the pizza, it somehow began to slide down the back of the oven rack onto the rack below.  It landed folded in half, inside-out, with toppings and cheese dripping down to the oven floor.  It’s a good thing my daughter was in another room because I was not saying nice things!

I let the pizza cook for a few more minutes then surveyed the damage.  I removed the mangled pizza from the oven.  I gently unfolded it.  The half that remained on top looked fine.  The other half was void of toppings.  There was a large pile of melted cheese on the bottom of the oven.  I decided I’d better scrape it out while it was still melted.  I got most of it out and piled it back onto the mangled half of the pizza (although we didn’t end up eating that half – I just couldn’t eat toppings that came off the bottom of the oven).

I was able to salvage enough of the pizza for tonight’s dinner, but the leftovers had to be discarded.  It’s too bad, because it tasted wonderful, even if the crust in the middle of the pizza wasn’t quite browned enough.

Here are a few pictures.  These pictures don’t do the situation justice because I didn’t think to take them until after the worst of it was cleaned up.  I still have some work to do tomorrow to finish cleaning the oven.

If you look closely, you'll notice that the left half looks great, but the right half is pretty mangled.

The Oven Rack

The Bottom of the Oven



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2 responses to “Pizza Disaster!

  1. I’m glad you were able to eat some, but I am sure you hated to throw the rest away. It looks wonderful! There just is nothing like homemade pizza. I have not used a pizza wheel before – only made it on a pan, but I have heard that the browning of the crust really makes it taste even better.

  2. Thanks for sharing your pizza disaster! I have kitchen mishaps too, and I always take strength and comfort in knowing I’m not the only one.

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