A New Toy for Me!

Some of you will remember that I won a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma last year.  It was really hard to decide what to do with it!  I finally settled on an All-Clad Food Mill and purchased it last week.

All-Clad Food Mill

Ever since I made a tomato sauce recipe that called for a food mill, I have wanted to get one.  Just think of the lovely sauces and purees I can make!  No more pressing cooked berries through a sieve to remove the seeds!

I inaugurated my new food mill last night by making mashed potatoes (or should I call them “milled potatoes”).

Cooked Potatoes

After the potatoes were cooked, I drained them and quickly put them in the food mill, which was placed over the same pan the potatoes cooked in.

Turning the Mill

This is how the potatoes looked after running them through the mill:

"Milled" Potatoes

I gently stirred in some milk, butter, salt and pepper and ended up with the smoothest mashed potatoes I have ever made!

Mashed Potato Goodness



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4 responses to “A New Toy for Me!

  1. Maureen

    This looks like a really good food mill, I think you will get a lot of use out of it. I have one that is small and messy so I rarely use it. Nice use of the gift certificate!

  2. Justine

    Those potatoes look SO yummy!

  3. Isn’t it just a wonderful tool? Your mashed potatoes do look so creamy. I have one that I purchased after I made my own tomato sauce for pizza and I love it. I have not used it for mashed potatoes though because I have a ricer that I use instead. I will have to try the food mill next time.

  4. How beautiful! I’ve wanted a food mill foreveh, but kept thinking I was romanticizing this idea of the old school food mill. That it wouldn’t work as well as a food processor and wouldn’t be lovely or fun. Yours looks both lovely AND fun. Oh how do I want one! It’s going on the Christmas list!

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