A Big Storm Knocked it Over

We had a big wind storm yesterday and one of our trees got blown over.  Thankfully it landed across the road and did not hit any houses, cars or people.

I am very impressed with the city.  Shortly after the tree fell they arrived to clear it off the street.  The guys from the parks department removed all the branches and put them through a chipper.  Then they cut the trunk into manageable-sized pieces and placed them neatly in our yard.  They even swept up the sawdust!  All this was completed in less than two hours after the tree fell.

Here are some pictures of what is left of our tree.  And yes, that is snow on the ground.  You can click on each picture for a bigger view.


The roots came up...

Side View


The logs left by the parks guys



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4 responses to “A Big Storm Knocked it Over

  1. Barbara

    Hey, Karen – Seriously, Center for Adaptive Riding wouldn’t mind having 2 or 3 of those chunks of the trunk for our “Oney Trails”. Are they available for pick up?

  2. Justine

    Wow, that’s the best kind of excitement – where no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged! That must have been great fun to watch, did you get to see the tree fall? Now it looks like you have yourself an another interesting project with logs and an upturned stump!

  3. Wow, bummer that you lost a tree in your front yard. I work for a tree company in my real life and look at trees everyday for a living. Trees give us so much in the way of shade, wind breaks, energy efficiency, and beauty & a sense of well being. They do have their moments where they can be dangerous or become so. I am glad that no one was hurt when this tree fell over.
    Be safe, every day!

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