“Loved” Crown Hat

Crown Hat

Teddy "Modeling" the Crown

The first Christmas gift I made this year was the “Loved” crown hat for my niece.  I used KnitPicks’ Comfy Bulky yarn.  I first saw this pattern last spring and I immediately thought it would be perfect for my niece.  I even used the same colors of yarn that were featured by KnitPicks because I thought the colors were perfect too.

This was a very satisfying project to knit, at least until I got to the end.  As a pretty new knitter, this pattern provided the opportunity to practice some skills I haven’t had much opportunity to use, and it was quick to knit.  This is a great pattern for an advanced beginner looking to practice increases and decreases!


The Inside of the Crown

Now we get to the unsatisfying part of the project…  The hat is sewn from the bottom, up to the crown tips, and then down the inside to where the colors change.  It is then bound off and the inner “lining” is seamed.  Well, my bound off edge wasn’t stretchy at all!  It affects the fit of the hat, and will reduce the amount of time my niece will be able to wear it.  I’m sure the problem was caused by my inexperience, but it is disappointing.  I also did not enjoy the seaming because I have never seamed before and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing.

All in all I enjoyed this project, and the finished crown sure is cute.

Any knitters out there know where I went wrong with the bind off?


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