Handmade Christmas Gifts

Every year about this time I get the urge to make many of my Christmas gifts.  I have a lot of ideas of things I’d like to make for various people.  My ideas range from sewing small items like toiletry bags,  to sewing clothing items, to making food gifts.  In fact, I have more ideas of things I’d like to make than I have time to actually make them.  I know I could start earlier in the year, but that’s just not how I operate.  With a little planning I probably could start in early November and have time for a few more gifts.

This year I have settled on two items I am going to make as gifts.  I can’t reveal what they actually are until after Christmas, but here are a couple of hints:

Knitted Gift

It looks like I might be knitting something...

Sewing Pattern

Preparing a Pattern for Sewing

What, if anything, are you making for gifts this year?



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2 responses to “Handmade Christmas Gifts

  1. Justine

    When were these photos taken? Are these projects for THIS Christmas? You must be a fast knitter/seamstress! We’re mostly baking cookies and making batch upon batch of nuts & bolts/chex mix (up to batch #4 with one or two more to go). No two recipes are the same. I’ve made fruit cake once or twice in the past, and I keep wanting to make it again. It’s funny how many closet fans there are out there. We don’t eat it so it’s easy to give away. I have to gear up for it early though – maybe next year…!

    • Karen

      One of the photos was taken a few weeks ago, the other today. One of the projects is almost complete and the other one will be cutting it close!

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