Itching to sew.

I have been on a self-imposed sewing hiatus for a while now, so I can focus on some other things.  However, lately I have really been itching to sew.  I miss it!  So, I’ve decided I need to sew something for myself.

I want to sew something quick and easy, without any alterations for fit, and I also want to use fabric from my stash.  I have settled on Simplicity 2603:

It meets all of my requirements, plus it is fun and trendy!

The fabric I am going to use is a heathered charcoal matte jersey I bought several years ago from  I can’t remember what project the fabric was originally intended for, but as soon as it arrived I knew it wouldn’t work.  I don’t really love the fabric (it has a very synthetic-y feel), but it should work well for the cardi-wrap.

I’ve been torn between making the longer or shorter version of the cardi-wrap.  I think overall I would like the shorter version better on me, but there are a lot more wearing options with the longer version.  In the end, my fabric choice is going to decide for me: I only have enough for the shorter version.  I hope I have enough fabric for the cuffs.

I will keep you posted as I make progress!



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2 responses to “Itching to sew.

  1. pam

    How is this coming along?

    • Karen

      I’ve got it half cut out. I was hoping by now I could’ve posted that it was completely cut out, but alas I can’t. But I have started!

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