My intentions were not to get deep and serious so early in my blog, but I stumbled across this post today, and it really spoke to me.  I felt like the author was describing me, but more eloquently than I ever could.  My non-negotiables are different, and my dreams are different, but the feeling of inertia towards pursuing my dreams is the same.

This is something I’ve made a conscious decision to tackle.  Starting this blog is one step towards pursuing my dreams.  I have been wanting to have a blog for a couple of years, so I decided to “just do it”.  I want to find more time to sew, I have business ideas, and home projects to pursue, and it is my goal to actually do them, not just dream about them.

My biggest roadblock is time management.  I waste too much time each day doing non-essential things, when I could be spending my time doing things I enjoy more.  Why can’t I make the things I love and want to be doing a higher priority?  Perhaps because I have to do things I don’t enjoy so much before I can get to the other, more “fun” things?  How do I motivate myself to get the “work” out of the way so I can pursue my dreams and interests?

Like the author of that post, by the end of the day I feel “spent” and like I deserve a break.  BUT, I have time during the day, many days of the week, where I don’t have this excuse.  So, no more excuses!



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2 responses to “Inertia.

  1. cordeliacallsitquits

    Thank you so much for the reference! I wish you all the best in your blog and totally encourage you to keep at it–it’s such an incredible feeling when you get to connect w/other people going through the same struggles you are. Best of luck!!

  2. Karen

    Thanks! I’m glad I found your blog – I have enjoyed reading it. Congrats on being on the front page of WordPress yesterday – that’s how I found you.

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