A bit about me and my blog.

Welcome to my blog!  It feels a little strange writing to an audience that doesn’t exist yet, but I hope someone, somewhere out there finds me.

First, a bit about me.  Until recently I worked full time as a software engineer.  A little over a year ago I decided to stop working, so I could be a full time mom to my daughter, who has multiple special needs.  That was one of the best decisions I ever made!  My long term goal is to work at home designing software.

I have always enjoyed cooking.  I LOVE making good food for myself and my loved ones.  I feel out of balance if I go for too many days without having time to cook a decent meal.  In recent years, sewing has become my hobby of choice.  I prefer making clothing, mostly for myself, occasionally for my daughter and others.  One thing I like about sewing is that I can be creative without being artistic.  I also like that I can make things that are useful.

When thinking about what I wanted my blog to be about, I thought about my favorite blogs I like to read.  What topics to I enjoy reading about?  What makes one blog more enjoyable than another?  I enjoy food blogs that share recipes I might actually make.  I enjoy sewing blogs that not only share completed projects, but also talk about the process and other sewing-related topics.  I don’t mind if a blog strays off topic once in a while.  In all blogs I read, I like it when the personality of the blogger comes through.

So, for now this blog will be about my cooking and sewing adventures.  I may even throw in a surprise now and then.  I hope you learn a bit about me in the process.


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